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The MOP Up: Trove’s polished paragon paradise

Trove is making sure that its players have plenty to do this season thanks to a Polished Paragon system. This patch came out on...

The Stream Team: Celebrating Neverwinter’s Echoes of Prophecy with a giveaway

Do we need a reason for a giveaway? Nope! But we have one: On December 1st, the third and final milestone for Neverwinter’s Echoes of...

The Stream Team: Digging for the truth of the Dwarves’ demise in Dungeons & Dragons Online

No, it wasn't the ultimate party wipe that took Massively OP's MJ out of DDO! (Though it was a fight with the gods.) Now...

DDO and LOTRO welcome the winter holidays — and throw in something a little extra

It's officially the season for snow, gifts, and... dinosaurs? This is SSG we're talking about, so just about anything is possible! Both Lord of...

The MOP Up: Ultima Online plays Santa and hands out gifts

Ultima Online is really into gift giving this season, so head in and get yours before they're all gobbled up: "We wish to offer...

The Stream Team: Meeting with Neverwinter’s Lord Neverember

Now that Massively OP's MJ has reacquainted herself a bit with the new level-squished Neverwinter, it is time to take her group back out...

Neverwinter’s Of Dragons and Influence milestone is live on all platforms today

As a capstone for 2021, Neverwinter has dropped the third and final slice of its fall battle pass, Echoes of Prophecy, on PC and...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 349: Make mine Marvel

Justin and Bree discuss Daybreak's Marvel MMO, LOTRO's console future, DCUO's expansion, the EverQuest franchise, RIFT's planned update, DDO, Star Citizen, and Elite Dangerous, with adventures in LOTRO, Fallen Earth, Guild Wars 2, and SWG Legends, plus mailbag topics on New World's rookie mistakes and Lost Ark's genderlocking.

Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off a new permadeath server run next week

Are you ready to die kicking and screaming and cursing the lag gods for your failure -- and then find yourself unable to resurrect...

Perfect Ten: 10 stock MMO mobs from crummy to cool

My pet theory of MMOs is that they exist in a gaming multiverse with scores of unseen connections. This explains why so many of...

The MOP Up: Guild Wars 2 pulls back the curtain on narrative design

Guild Wars 2 Associate Narrative Director Bobby Stein has an interesting essay up about "shepherding stories" for the MMO with a focus on diverse...

The Stream Team: Getting reacquainted with Neverwinter

After Massively OP's MJ was forced to take more than a four-month break from the game (Bard creation excluded), Neverwinter went and did a...

Dungeons and Dragons Online teases 2022’s Isle of Dread expansion

Who's ready for a new Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion? It looks like one is on the way for spring 2022 called Isle of...

Massively Overthinking: How hard should MMOs be?

This past summer, MMO dev Damion Schubert posted an epic tweet-thread about MMOs; in fact, we've already dipped into the part on "load-bearing" playerbases,...

Perfect Ten: How MMOs explain away our infinite resurrections

Why? Why do we die in MMOs and keep coming back to life? Are we in a type of hell defined by endless combat...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 346: Endwalker, ArcheAge, Lost Ark, and New World

Justin and Bree discuss FFXIV's Endwalker delay, WoW's financials and player council, ArcheAge's new publisher, Gamigo's new MMORPG, Lost Ark's beta, New World's state, DDO update 51, Elder Scrolls Online's Deadlands, Harry Potter Wizard Unite's sunset, and Crowfall's freemium update, with adventures in LOTRO, Fallen Earth, City of Heroes, and Star Wars Galaxies, plus a mailbag topic on worry about the future of the genre.

Neverwinter comes under siege starting on November 11

So... hey, Neverwinter players, quick round of questions. Who exactly was it that told the Cult of the Dragon that they needed to siege...

Neverwinter will soon sell tokens to unbind equipment

One of the immutable laws of MMORPGs is that bind-on-pickup or bind-on-equip gear, once used, can never be transferred or sold to another party...

Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s Charles Boyd on BioWare, newbie acquisition, economy, and beyond

So it’s been two years since I wrote a piece on Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m sorry. You’ll have to tell me what...

How to support Extra Life 2021, from Guild Wars 2 and EverQuest to LOTRO and City of Heroes

If you caught MJ's latest Massively Uplifting, you probably noticed that Extra Life is ramping up across the gaming industry, and particularly among MMORPG...