Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates 18th anniversary with free Dragon Lord archetype


The 18th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online hath arrived, and Standing Stone Games isn’t taking this lightly — especially during the Year of the Dragon. In fact, the studio is handing out free Dragon Lord archetypes to all players over the next month, with VIPs able to access it for free afterward as well.

This unlock comes with the quality-of-life-packed Update 66. The patch activates the anniversary event through March 12th, adds the aforementioned Dragon Lord class archetype option, performed an epic destiny “refresh,” improved tavern options, overhauled active tumbling, and began to dabble in an area-of-effect ranged attack system.

“When a projectile using an area of effect ranged attack collides with something, instead of dealing your weapon damage and effects to that target directly, that enemy and all nearby enemies in a small area are hit with your full weapon damage and effects, as if they were also hit by the projectile,” the studio explained.

Source: DDO
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