New World devs on PTR testing, Slayer Script, artifacts, and ‘player vs door’ combat


New World’s upcoming Season of the Guardian is already in the hands of players in the MMO’s public test realm, and feedback has been coming in fast and thick, so naturally those conversations are the main topic if the game’s latest Forged in Aeternum video as a couple of the devs discuss PTR matters.

First, the devs acknowledge that the new Slayer Script system has some teething issues that need to be worked out and that getting it working has taken a large portion of development time, but they promise that major fixes will be made and that further animation updates will be applied in later patches once the season launches.

Other granular matters discussed by the devs include waiting for equip load changes to settle before making any tweaks, confirmation of nerfs coming to a pair of the new artifacts, details of nerfs to OPR doors to make them less difficult to break down (the devs lovingly referred to it as PvD – player vs. door), and future season balance plans that target mana management, making existing weapons more fun to use, and discussion about the MMO’s next new weapon.

source: YouTube
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