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Mortal Online 2 plans PTR test of mount stamina tweaks, combat updates, and rideable bears March 8

On Friday, March 8th, Mortal Online 2 is going to be opening its public test realm to let players kick the tires of one...

New World devs on PTR testing, Slayer Script, artifacts, and ‘player vs door’ combat

New World's upcoming Season of the Guardian is already in the hands of players in the MMO's public test realm, and feedback has been...

New World’s PTR is testing crafting features and the Legacy of Crassus event

Do you miss whaling away on big angry cyclopes in New World? Then you probably will want to be in the game's PTR, as...

Star Citizen will now invite players into its PTU based on their activity in an effort to stress test builds

For the past several years, access to the PTU builds of Star Citizen has gone out in waves - that's nothing new - but...

Mortal Online 2 shuffles its third territory control public test to today – here are the patch notes

If you were among those players of Mortal Online 2 who were waiting for the sandbox MMORPG's third and final territory control PTR build...
We're so bleeping dark.

Mortal Online 2 prepares to test territory control tweaks and new elementalism spells on July 13

A second public test realm is opening up for Mortal Online 2, and if you're the kind of player who wants to keep trying...

Wizard101’s test realm is officially open – here’s what awaits within

The recently confirmed test realm for Wizard101 has now officially opened its doors to players, and it's looking like there are a lot of...

New World shares PTR patch notes for its second season but is forced to delay public testing

Were you looking forward to the upcoming new season in New World? Then you were maybe champing at the bit to get in to...
Not a lizard.

World of Warcraft patch 10.1.5 notes are up on the test realm with further unannounced changes

You might think that World of Warcraft would focus on, you know... the new patch it actually released last week. But that's boring; time...
How nouveau

New World video talks test server phases and why buggy patches still sometimes happen

It's not exactly a secret or even controversial to state that New World has had some glitchy releases over its lifespan. Heck, it's not...
This is what I always wanted.

Datamining finds new chat filtering options in World of Warcraft’s patch 10.0.7

Right now, filtering your chat in World of Warcraft involves either turning a mature language filter on or off, which counts as a blanket...

New World’s test server opens today with void gauntlet, new quests, and trading post unification

It's another big day for New World: Amazon is opening up a public test realm to let players test out its coming content update. The...
but it's EXTREME

World of Warcraft CM Lore clarifies Blizzard’s planned threat changes

Some World of Warcraft tanks were somewhat alarmed to discover that some taunt ability tooltips had changed on the PTR to remove mention of...

The Daily Grind: Do you make use of your MMORPG’s public test realms?

The patch server. The PTR. The PTS. Whatever your MMORPG calls it, it's probably got one: some sort of publicly accessible server that gets the...

World of Warcraft: Legion’s pre-expansion patch hits the test server

While World of Warcraft players will have to wait until the very end of August to dive into the new expansion, a major event...