Valheim continues ironing out its Ashlands update with a ‘really chunky’ bug-fixing PTS patch


The early access survivalbox Valheim isn’t yet ready to release its earlier access new Ashlands biome out of its public test realm, evidently. Iron Gate has come back with another patch to the test build that it characterizes as “really chunky” and full of bug fixes. Just look at that sauce. You can see the wholesome chunks of bug fixing right in the jar.

The patch does have a pretty lengthy list of fixes that touch on multiple aspects of the game, whether it’s building piece and recipe tweaks, monster spawning updates, and even the danger level of boiling water. Other changes include some updates to certain armor sets and weapons, making sure Asksvin don’t sound like wolves when petted (but why shouldn’t they?), an end to Ashlands ruins bursting into flame, and a few targeted monster fixes.

As one might expect, there’s still no full release date for the Ashlands update yet, but considering the number of problems this patch addresses — and this game’s current development time — there’s probably going to be some more waiting in the wings.

source: Steam
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