Valheim brings the Ashlands update to its public test server, confirms the game’s nearly full release


After three years in early access and over a year since the update was first announced, the Viking costumed survival sandbox Valheim is finally seeing its new Ashlands biome and related content drop to the game. Or at least to its test server, anyway; this is another case of the test needing to be tested before it goes to early access testing. This industry is great.

Admittedly this update does bring a whole lot to the mead hall table, including the titular volcanic biome, over 30 new weapons including magically charged flametal weapons that can further be upgraded with precious stones, plenty of new foes known as the Charred, over 70 new buildable items, and new siege engines and siege mechanics that will be needed to raze Charred forts to the ground.

According to producer Andreas Tomasson, the Ashlands promises to be Valheim’s most challenging test yet, but it also represents “the last major update before [the] final batch of content when the game reaches 1.0.” Just when that 1.0 launch will be or when public testing will wrap up isn’t specified, as Iron Gate plans “several” patches to address balance and bugs for its Ashlands public test. Still, the finish line might be in sight — and a long-awaited content update is even closer.

sources: press release, official site
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