EVE Online brings login rewards and new missions to its April 30 Capsuleer Day anniversary event


It will soon be time for EVE Online to celebrate 21 years of operation, and you know what that means! Capsuleer Day is coming back from April 30th to May 30th, bringing with it new things for players to do and free stuff for them to gather up like birthday hat-wearing loot gremlins.

Players can expect to see new missions that take them into abyssal deadspace to explore collapsed conduits and fight Triglavian or Drifter foes. Additionally, there will be multiple seasonal challenges that cover the full spectrum of EVE interest, from exploration to combat to manufacturing.

Rewards for taking part in these activities include ship skins, boosters, and fireworks, and everyone can look forward to several days’ worth of login rewards, though subscribers will be getting more shinies out of the whole affair.

In other EVE news, the sandbox’s in-universe news channel calls attention to Upwell’s efforts to build a prototype orbital structure that players can help out with for rewards, as well as word of clone proposals being sent to all of the four major empires that could have wide-reaching implications for the universe of New Eden. Apparently.

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