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Final Fantasy XI wishes its players well for its anniversary and looks to events and story soon

Saturday marked the 18-year anniversary of Final Fantasy XI from its original release in Japan, and that's a pretty big milestone. Unfortunately, it didn't...
How long? For what?

Age of Conan celebrates 11 years of operation with an anniversary event

It turns out that the age of Age of Conan now goes to eleven, as the game is celebrating its 11th anniversary this year. There's...
When will the loot drop

Lineage II shows off plenty of buffs and promotions for its 15-year anniversary

Going for a decade is a nice milestone for any MMO, but Lineage II passed that milestone a while ago. About five years ago, in...
Blade and Soul, thoughts are all like butterflies, yeah.

Blade & Soul outlines how to earn its Cutting Edge cosmetics for the three-year anniversary

To celebrate the third year of Blade & Soul in the west, players are getting the chance to getting some far futuristic-looking costumes and weapons....
Seriously? Huh.

MMORPG Runes of Magic celebrations nine years of operation with daily gifts

Can you believe that Runes of Magic has been operating for nine years now? That's a long time. Like... well, like nine years, actually....
Yikes what

Star Trek Online offers free stuff for its eight-year anniversary

It can't be right that Star Trek Online is really eight years old, can it? Eight full years of boldly going? The answer is...

DC Universe Online brings back its anniversary event with a Krypto base pet

As one year passes into the next, DC Universe Online gets to celebrate another anniversary, and this time around it's bringing in a beloved...
Ain't no school like the old school.

World of Warcraft is bringing back old world bosses for its 13th anniversary

Do you have fond memories of fighting the Dragons of Nightmare in World of Warcraft back when they were relevant? Or even when they...

ArcheAge celebrates its third anniversary with giant corgis

It's hard to believe that ArcheAge has been with us for three years now, but that's what the game is celebrating with its new...
Not quite like this.

Overwatch kicks off its anniversary event and slashes game prices

It's been a year since Overwatch launched, and in that time the game has added new heroes, new maps, and several limited-time events of...

TERA’s third week of anniversary rewards includes a pin-up car

The last week of TERA anniversary rewards is almost upon us, starting on 5/23. That means you still have one more day to turn...
Good work, great idea.

Overwatch looks forward to anniversary skin and more diverse story focus over the next year

To the surprise of basically no one, Overwatch has succeeded through its first year, and it should also come as no surprise that Blizzard...
Everything old is new again.

Final Fantasy XI will let you pick your own trust companion for the anniversary

If you're worried about the future of Final Fantasy XI being available, you can rest assured that the 15th anniversary letter by producer Akihiko Matsui...

World of Warcraft celebrates its anniversary with corgis and trivia

It's been twelve years since World of Warcraft launched, and that means it's time to log in, earn anniversary achievements, and pick up some...
For chickens.

Perfect World International kicks off anniversary celebrations with bartering

Perfect World International has been running for eight years now, which is a pretty impressive milestone. The somewhat eponymous team at Perfect World Entertainment...
Please, no scary version of Answers this time?

The Rising returns to Final Fantasy XIV for three years of operation

August 27th will mark three years since Final Fantasy XIV's successful relaunch, and it should come as no surprise that the game is celebrating...

The Stream Team: Calming the enraged Gatekeeper in The Secret World

You've heard the old adage that redheads have a temper? Well imagine if you add red arms, red torso, red legs! Part of this...
I am not supporting this lizard-shooting quest.

Anarchy Online outlines its 15-year anniversary celebration

The Anarchy Online servers have been going for 15 years now. That's a long time for a game to be running. If the game...

The Stream Team: It’s a cake-apalooza in Marvel Heroes’ Industry City

After all this Civil War stuff split the forces in Marvel Heroes apart, what could possible bring them back together? Cake! Cakes makes everyone...
Someone will get that reference.

Final Fantasy XI celebrates 14 years of operation

It's been 14 years since Final Fantasy XI launched in Japan, and while the august game might be slowing down a bit, it sure...