EverQuest II celebrates Classic EverQuest’s 24th anniversary with the return of the Chronoportal Phenomenon


No, the Chronoportal Phenomenon isn’t a progressive electro band name; it’s a recurring event in EverQuest II, and it’s back once again to mark the 24th anniversary of Classic EverQuest.

This year’s version of the event brings with it a new achievement, eight new quests, and a lineup of new goodies to purchase from the event vendor for the live servers, while TLE servers will once more have some slight variations on what is accessible due to their expansion progress. In addition, the event is bringing back a whole host of older rewards, quests, collections, and achievements for those who might have missed the time-skipping good times from years past.

This year’s Chronoportal is open now and stays open until March 16th, so there’s still space for EQII fans to go back in time. Now let’s cue the music.

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