There’s a free Overwatch weekend in your future later this month

As a buy-to-play game, Overwatch has always had that financial barrier that’s kept some potentially interested players at bay. For those who haven’t taken the plunge yet, Blizzard is planning to tempt them with an extended free play weekend in the near future.

From August 23rd through the 27th, anyone can access Overwatch on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and enjoy it with no restrictions for the duration of the event. It’s a good time to have this happen, what with the Summer Games going on and all. And yes, progression made during this weekend will carry over if you decide to purchase the game afterward.

“For this free weekend, we’re making Overwatch’s full roster of 28 heroes — along with the newly released Wrecking Ball — and 18 maps available for play in a variety of modes, including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Arcade,” said Blizzard.

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Champions Online challenges you to a race

Looking for some superheroic fun to occupy your time this weekend? Champions Online has brought back its Circus Malvanum event with its vehicle theme. There’s even a new reward this time around, as players can earn a set of lion shoulders to show off their… pride? Sorry. It’s hard to resist the dad puns sometimes.

“For this week only, help Jo perfect her engine-making craft and you’ll receive the event-exclusive Steam Bike vehicle and enter to fly in the Circus Malvanum Sky Race,” Cryptic posted. “Come back every day for the next week and seek out Sapphire above the Ren Center for a Sky Race daily quest and receive a race prize pack!”

The event will conclude on August 30th.


WildStar brings back its home decoration event as the game languishes

Poor WildStar. These days all the attention and excitement that Carbine’s MMO generates is by recycling old events. One of these, the home renovation event, is coming back tomorrow and will run through August 24th.

The game seems to be on life support even as players wonder why this game wasn’t more successful. The last major content update, Destination Arcterra, came out in March 2016 (WildStar has seen lesser content updates since, to be fair). There have been no content updates in 2018.

This past January’s state of the game address promised that Carbine and NCsoft were going to “continue to support the game for the foreseeable future.” However, no specific plans for that future would entail were stated and the dev team has been remarkably quiet over the course of this year.

Source: Twitter


The Overwatch Summer Games are back

You’ve been training for this moment all year long, and by “training” we mean “aggressively burping while sitting in your comfortable office chair.” You’re ready. You have the makings of a champion, so get out on the field and prove your mettle!

The Overwatch Summer Games have returned for another round, running from now through August 31st. In addition to the usual activities and rewards, there’s a new Busan Station Lúcioball map to enjoy this year and over 50 new items added to the game’s lootboxes.

Generally, it’s a good time to grab some limited-opportunity skins, especially if you like fighting in breezy summer attire.

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Guild Wars 2 has all the activities going on right now

Perhaps to distract MMO players from next week’s Battle for Tyria (or whatever) expansion, Guild Wars 2 is really cranking out all sorts of activities, events, and promotions this weekend.

For starters, there’s a Weekend Boss Blitz Bonanza that’s going to run from August 10 through the 13th. This challenges players to collectively take down 5,000 bosses and will reward participants if this goal is reached.

If that’s not of interest, perhaps you’d like to chase after the three new Design-a-Weapon items that are now available in the game. Or perhaps you’d like to splurge on some pre-Sixth Anniversary sales, including heavy discounts on Season 2 and 3 content packs.

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RIFT datamining discovers a new companion system

A brand-new feature has been datamined on RIFT’s test server, with players trying to figure out what this system entails.

It’s called Planar Disciples, perhaps some sort of companion system that is included on your character UI panel. Presumably players will be able to collect and level up a follower. Might be kind of cool to have a combat pal around for those tricky fights? Also coming to the game is a brawl mode for the Black Garden warfront, the return of the Tempest Rising world event, and a Pandora’s Box dimension.

One thing we do know for sure is that Trion Worlds is bringing back the Spoils of War event on the Prime progression server on August 16th.


World of Warcraft opens up the Siege of Lordaeron

So, to the surprise of absolutely no one, burning down an Alliance capital city did not actually demoralize anyone other than players and now the Horde is getting one of its cities attacked in World of Warcraft. Equally unsurprising to anyone who followed reveals about this, that means the Alliance is marching on Lordaeron, and players can take part in this push right now in the game.

Players who have tested the beta for Battle for Azeroth will be familiar with the scenario, as it’s the same one kicking off the expansion in the testing cycle. If you want to get a start in on the pre-expansion hullabaloo and conclude the storyline before the full launch next week, hop on in and make your way to Stormwind for the Alliance or Orgrimmar for the Horde.

Also strap yourself in for the people trying to explain how capturing and holding a city in response to an unprovoked attack is the same thing as razing a city on a whim with no existing state of war.

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Final Fantasy XIV brings monster hunting with its newest patch

The latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV has arrived today, and it brings all of the monster hunting you could possibly want within the game. Yes, it’s the crossover with Monster Hunter World, complete with new cosmetic gear, new minions, and new Orchestrion tunes for everyone. If you’re not interested in that, though, you can take part in the new Eureka – Pagos expedition, which brings characters to a snow-covered area to take on greater enemies.

Players also get a variety of quality of life bumps with the update, including the option to purchase weapon upgrade materials for Gougan currency, new crafting recipes, an experience buff in the original Eureka areas, and the removal of restrictions on Sigmascape Crystalloids. Check out the full patch notes to get an idea of what you’ll be able to do with the patch. You could, of course, also choose to totally ignore the patch if you’re over on the Faerie server as players put together an epic scavenger hunt for plenty of gil.

Source: Official Site, Reddit; thanks to Alex for the tip!


Final Fantasy XIV prepares for the Moonfire Faire and the Feast championships

The summer is at least theoretically waning, and that means it’s time for Final Fantasy XIV’s annual summer event, the Moonfire Faire. That, of course, means another new swimsuit, more house decorations, and even a new mote this year for those who wish to splash your friends regardless of the situation. It’s starting in Limsa Lominsa as always, so we may assume it also means a new round of beachside fun, although some acrobatics are promised for this year’s event.

Let’s face it, when you have a beach resort in a zone your summer event isn’t going to take place in the snows of Coerthas.

For those with an eye toward more competitive events, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the US Feast championships, which are still being fought over until early September. The current front-runners for US data centers are highlighted in the most recent entry from the team, but there’s still a month to go before the semi-finals, so there’s still time for a new challenger to sweep in with a spectacular record.


Chronicles of Elyria gets players to shape the world through a plague

Chronicles of Elyria’s biggest community event yet looks to change the very face of this developing MMO — but there’s a good chance that fans won’t survive the plague that’s heading their way.

That’s probably too melodramatic for what is, in effect, an elaborate poll that will be used to set up the game world for when it does release. The Searing Plague event will be shaped by the participation of the community. Players will strive to either spread the plague or cure it through a variety of activities. Oh, and if you haven’t pledged to the game yet? Your account is flagged as a plague carrier. Don’t despair, because plague victims can be purified through donations and possibly even earn a pledge on the strength of the goodwill of others!

If the players manage to overcome the plague, participants can earn a hereditary cure that will be passed down to their characters. If the plague wins, well, the game’s landscape is going to look a lot different than it would otherwise. You can get into the spirit of this event by reading up on some of the lore behind this slice of the game’s history. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Skyforge is about to kick off its big summer event

When you think about summer fun, does your mind turn to racetracks? No, probably not; unless they’re neck-deep in water, most people would prefer to move as little as possible in the summer. But Skyforge has its upcoming summer event focused all around a secretly constructed race track, and all of the various deities of the world will be able to race along it for the delight of the masses.

That’s the summer event this year. If you were hoping for some form of swimsuit competition, you will be slightly disappointed.

There are no details yet about the rewards of the event or what sort of races players will engage in, but there is lore about the track constructed for the festival of Warm Breeze and the Sunny Coins that are still being minted even as they are supposed to be gone now. Check out the full rundown for more lore hints, or just keep your eyes peeled for more details in the near future.


Revelation Online plans to join the Steam parade

Not wanting to be left out of the party — and the expected profits — of joining up with Steam, Revelation Online has announced that it will be coming to the platform. When will that happen? That’s the one question that isn’t answered in the rather long announcement post, but we can assure you that it’s forward in our timeline rather than backward.

“We can all agree that these are exciting times for Revelation Online as it prepares to receive new players from Steam,” My.com said. “We will be celebrating the Steam launch of the game with special competitions and prizes, so stay tuned over the coming week for more details as they are released.”

Revelation Online is currently calling players to arms with its Colosseum III PvP event. Players can climb over each other’s corpses to the top of a ladderboard and earn special prizes. Hurry up, as this all ends on August 7th!


Closers Online decks players out in sizzling cybernetic fashion, hands out free goodies

There really isn’t an MMO out there that embraces its anime nature more than Closers, gratuitous swimsuit poses and all. And when there’s a whiff of anime, cybernetic fashion isn’t too far behind.

This week, Closers added cybernetic costumes to the game that can be crafted from the remnants of two rare costumes. Also there’s a cat mask. Again, it’s anime.

Closers is also in the throes of a summer beach dungeon event and is getting ready for a special “Closers Day” that will run from August 4th to the 5th. Log in during this period and you’ll get a free celebration box that contains a lot of useful goodies.

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