Clowning around.

Final Fantasy XIV kicks off All Saints’ Wake on January 20

After many delays and endless speculation, the Halloween event for Final Fantasy XIV is finally arriving on January 20th. What an absolute clown show. No, that's...
We still care.

Final Fantasy XI’s producer looks ahead to the 20-year anniversary of the game in 2022

It's been 20 years since Final Fantasy XI originally launched in Japan... or rather, it will be in a few months. (The launch anniversary is...
Ugly ugly ugly.

Old School RuneScape wraps up the year’s updates with a Christmas event

For the final update of the year, Old School RuneScape wants you to learn what it sees as the true meaning of Christmas, which is...
Snow is also an s-word.

Swords of Legends Online kicks off Shenzhou’s Winter Festival for everyone

Forget all that nonsense about the spirit of giving or togetherness, the real spirit of Christmas is hopping through a snow maze as a snowman....
ring ring ring

World of Warcraft opens up its Winter Veil celebration on Classic and The Burning Crusade

Feeling festive in WoW Classic? No, not so much? Can't imagine why. The important thing is that whatever your preferred flavor of the game's classic...

Final Fantasy XIV previews the rewards of this year’s Starlight Celebration

Tomorrow, it's time for Final Fantasy XIV players to take on a new adventure: helping a small yeti experience the true meaning of the Starlight...

Final Fantasy XI brings the Dragon Quest X crossover event around once again

It's tough for fans to feel as much about Dragon Quest X as other entries in the series, seeing as how it's the one installment...
Oh, right, I hate this.

PSA: Apex Legends celebrates SWTOR’s 10th anniversary with a free giveaway

A delayed expansion announcement is probably not how Star Wars: The Old Republic wanted to be celebrating its 10th anniversary, but these things happen....
Like a boss.

Final Fantasy XI opens up the Adventurer Gratitude Campaign for the new year

Hey, you! Final Fantasy XI appreciates that you're playing. What's that? You're not playing? Well why the heck not? It can't be because the game...

The Game Awards 2021: Lost Ark launches February 11, Nightingale is a new multiplayer survivalbox

(We're updating at the end with all the big news!) Geoff Keighley's Game Awards are getting bigger and more star-studded by the year, and that...
What are you doing now.

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for its annual Starlight Celebration on December 16

When you defeat the queue for Final Fantasy XIV at the moment, your goal is probably progressing in the main story rather than worrying about...
It's the same basic bench.

Final Fantasy XI brings the Starlight Celebration around once again on December 16

It's just about time for every game to start its Christmas celebrations, and Final Fantasy XI is certainly no exception with its Starlight Celebration...
Hey, my name is Glen?

OrbusVR prepares for the Festival of Strangers and another world boss

The Festival of Strangers has been running for the past several years in OrbusVR, but let's be realistic... it seems as if there might be...

World of Tanks unveils partnership with Arnold Schwarzenegger for this year’s Holiday Ops event

A lot of World of Tanks partnerships have been with washed-up B-list celebrities who were never actually good in anything (looking at you, Chuck Norris)....
Catching up, caching out.

Dark Age of Camelot invites new characters to catch up in Caledonia until December 6

Want an excuse to have a new experience in Dark Age of Camelot? You could get exactly that with the game's Catch Up in Caledonia...
It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

Final Fantasy XI boosts experience and capacity gains in its Winter Bundle-Up Campaign

Your character levels are going to get swole in Final Fantasy XI's latest boost campaign. No, really, that's the whole thing when the Winter Bundle-Up Campaign...

Dark Age of Camelot kicks off its Harvest Celebration and offers to sell you a fox pet

We all know that there aren't a lot of Thanksgiving celebrations in MMOs, but Dark Age of Camelot is still celebrating away with the...
I want a Milky Way.

World of Warcraft will allow flying in Zereth Mortis as players debate anniversary event drop rates

The real question of World of Warcraft tends to be whether or not you can fly in a given zone, with players often frustrated by...
Bored now.

World of Warcraft prepares to kick off its anniversary celebrations on November 15

It's almost time to celebrate 17 years since World of Warcraft initially launched, so hopefully you're feeling in a celebratory mood at the moment. Or...

Elder Scrolls Online prepares a dungeon extravaganza for next week

You may want to skip the turkey feast later this month, because you are going to need to stay awake and hungry for Elder...