War Thunder previews the Jaguar IS coming as a reward for the Sword of Justice event

In a game that involves a lot of airplanes flying around doing airplane fighting things (shooting missiles, doing barrel rolls, riding into the danger...

Final Fantasy XIV is hosting a panel at PAX East this year

Among all of Final Fantasy XIV's playerbase, there is one question that everyone wants to have answered: What's the actual deal with Hildibrand? How...
Good car, bad game.

Final Fantasy XIV brings back the Final Fantasy XV collaboration next week

It's time to get back in the car, loser, because Final Fantasy XIV is going collaborating. (Note: this applies to people who are not...

RIFT celebrates its 13th anniversary with a splash of Carnival of the Ascended

Who's still holding a torch for RIFT? I know I am, which is why the realization that this fantasy MMO is now 13 years...

MapleStory’s Strawberry Farm Festival is the most spring thing you can do this winter

Just because there are arctic blasts, frost on the trees, and mysterious frozen white powder falling from the sky doesn't mean that you can't...

Star Citizen begins its Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, and free fly events for February this weekend

The month of February is loaded to the gills with events (and shop sales) for the alpha spaceship sandbox of Star Citizen, as CIG...
This is the face of giving a damn.

Final Fantasy XI’s Valentione’s Day arrives once more with bird mating

Once again, Final Fantasy XI will spend its Valentione's Day celebrating that which matters most: bird mating. Yes, as always, the annual Valentine's Day...

The Stream Team: Spelunking for snowmen for Astroneer’s 5th birthday Breakdown event

Massively OP's MJ was pretty sad that she couldn't complete Astroneer's Christmas event owing to the lack of event drops; no toys nor snowmen...

Astroneer is running a multi-stage Breakdown event running until April 7

Do you need something to pass the time in the adorable little survival sandbox of Astroneer? Then you're in luck because the Breakdown event...

Final Fantasy XIV sets its annual Valentione’s Event for February 7

What the world of Etheirys needs is a summer vacation, but that's not happening until Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail arrives this summer. Until then,...
Less elf than hoped.

Final Fantasy XIV prepares a new Moogle Treasure Trove event with expanded challenges starting on January 30

Generally speaking, Final Fantasy XIV has run the Moogle Treasure Trove event in the lead-up to a major patch, but the upcoming Hunt for...

Star Citizen player-run Daymar Rally sees hundreds of players and teams compete over the weekend

It's not a huge stretch to claim that much of Star Citizen's current in-game racing content would be possible without the effort of the...

New World brings back Legacy of Crassus tomorrow, plus Amazon talks best and worst NPCs

As teased in the game's wafer-thin roadmap at the end of 2023, New World is bringing back its Legacy of Crassus event starting tomorrow...

WoW Classic’s second phase of the Season of Discovery arrives February 8

The next month will bring more opportunities for players of WoW Classic to find runes, tweak their characters, and earn some levels along the...

RuneScape hands out selectable daily buffs and a fancy hat to mark its 23rd birthday

RuneScape is turning 23 years old this year, and if that isn't an occasion to have a fancy hat, we're not sure what is....

Marvel Snap’s 2024 roadmap covers guilds, events, and character mastery

With a little over a year of live operation under its belt and a whole lot of acclaim, Marvel Snap continues to be one...

Trove’s Renewus event for 2024 is here to pump you up – in-game, anyway – as RIFT promotes 12-month sub

Are you ready to build muscle and become a voxel-y Adonis? Then the New Year-themed Renewus event that went live this week in Trove...

The Stream Team: Celebrating the new year with Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensturn event

It's New Year's Eve afternoon on our calendar, but MOP's Chris is celebrating Heavensturn in Final Fantasy XIV, which is also all about New...
Rein in that deer.

Winter holiday events around the MMORPG world, 2023 edition

'Tis the season, once again, for end-of-year roundups and the ever-lovable event roundup, and you know that we've got one for you hear for...

Genshin Impact’s Roses and Muskets brings two more characters and an in-game film festival December 20

What do roses, muskets, a film festival, and Genshin Impact have in common? They're all kind of bundled together with the shared world RPG's...