Star Stable’s winter event promises returning activities and new quests

Winter is coming to Jorvik as Star Stable is preparing for the return of its seasonal festivities from Wednesday, December 7th, to Tuesday, January...
I too once thought as you thought.

World of Tanks brings a holiday village, dog petting, Milla Jovovich, and Arnold Schwarzenegger for its latest Holiday Ops event

When you take a holiday event and World of Tanks and put them together, what do you get? The answer is Arnold Schwarzenegger telling...

Final Fantasy XI brings the Alter Ego Extravaganza around once again

These days, a lot of the content you explore in Final Fantasy XI will be done with alter egos, because Trust magic has become...

Fortnite plans a blowout finale event to conclude Chapter 3 on December 3

On December 3rd, the fate of Fortnite's island will be in your hands. No, that does not mean that if you don't like the...
The saddest buffet line of all time.

EverQuest brings the Feast of Giving around once more

As of today, EverQuest wants to show you how much it appreciates you. But here's the real question: Do you appreciate EverQuest right back?...
What the heck is horse sugar.

Neverwinter brings the Harvester of Nightmares around once more on November 17

Imagine introducing yourself as the Harvester of Nightmares in a bar to someone you're trying to pick up. He's gorgeous, and you're swirling your...

Blade & Soul details its Windwalk Race event and crushes some of its bugs in a hotfix

Blade & Soul has had no end of trouble getting its Great Windwalk Race event out of the door. Readers will recall that the...

Dark Age of Camelot runs catch-up leveling event, marks 21st anniversary

If you're the type that believes that Dark Age of Camelot's real fun and realm-vs.-realm participation starts at max level, then you're going to...

Blade & Soul’s previously delayed windwalking race event gets a new release date of November 9

Last month's Symphony of Destruction patch for Blade & Soul was meant to include a windwalking race event, but unfortunately it was cancelled because...
Skeleton dance forever.

Day of the Dead returns to World of Warcraft through November 3

Celebrating with the dead might seem a little less unusual in World of Warcraft than it does in some other games, since that can...
Hunder those warts. With helicopters.

War Thunder celebrates a decade of operation with special vehicles, events, and sales

Can you believe it's been an entire decade since players were allowed to start hundering warts? Wait, sorry, that's wrong; the game isn't Wart...
Boo! Yar.

Atlas turns on its Halloween event with fired pumpkin cannonballs

At the eleventh hour, Atlas rushes into the room holding seven pumpkins, a scythe, two black cats, assorted plastic spiders, and four real spiders...
Lots of people, sure, why not.

PlanetSide 2 aims to beat its Guinness World Record for online FPS battle concurrency

In 1951, after getting into an argument during a shooting party, Sir Hugh Beaver (then managing director of the Guinness Breweries) realized that there...
Spoopy? No.

Lineage II’s various versions hand out Halloween heaps of celebratory candy and consumables

Let's be honest about something: The real spirit of Halloween is going up to someone's house in a flamboyant costume, asking for stuff you...

Broken Ranks gears up for a 30-hour Halloween event

For most MMOs, Halloween events tend to stretch almost for a full month. Of course, Broken Ranks is not "most MMOs" in pretty much...

Black Desert’s 2022 Calpheon Ball returns December 10 as an in-person event in Los Angeles

There's some pretty big news coming out of Pearl Abyss today: The studio has offered some initial details for Black Desert's 2022 Calpheon Ball,...
Graphics that would make a Sega Saturn feel validated.

Old School RuneScape celebrates Halloween with a new event while putting more gameplay modes in testing

If your Halloween experience isn't complete without low-poly ghosts drifting around and making theoretically spooky sounds, you're going to want to check out Old...
Spooky hiding?

Swords of Legends Online kicks off a Halloween-themed hide-and-seek event

A Halloween spirit has come over Shenzhou, and it's going to linger for a while. From October 27th until November 17th, players will be...
Shouldn't these be dinosaurs?

ARK: Survival Evolved is running its Halloween event through November 2

If you're playing ARK: Survival Evolved through the next couple of weeks, you will still be advised to open the door and get on...
Pumpkin head!

Final Fantasy XI brings the Harvest Festival back once more on October 24

The down side to the Harvest Festival in Final Fantasy XI is that by this point it is a pretty well-worn event without much...