Jagex postpones RuneScape’s in-person RuneFest event after showrunner company implodes

Yeah, that makes sense.

If you’re a RuneScape fan who was looking forward to the return of the in-person RuneFest this year after its four year-long hiatus, we unfortunately have some bad news to report: Jagex has had to postpone the event as a result of its partner, the showrunner, completely folding this year.

The studio was working with Player1 Events, a UK company that specializes in gaming events such as the 25 year-long Insomnia Gaming Festival. Unfortunately, Player1 laid off its entire staff this past May, which has subsequently left RuneFest in the lurch since Player1 Events has given Jagex no official communication since the collapse.

“We explored several options to still deliver an event in September that would both delight our players whilst keeping to previous lofty standards, but despite our best efforts, that goal has not been achievable,” Jagex laments.

Despite the bad news, there is still some light at the end of the tunnel, as Jagex is now working on a plan to host the event sometime in early 2025. More details will be provided soon, and those who purchased RuneFest 2024 tickets will be able to either transfer their ticket to the new date or request a full refund if fans are unable to make it.

“We appreciate this impacts travel plans, with so many of you coming from all over the world. We are so sorry for the disruption this will inevitably cause and are doing everything we can to act as swiftly as possible,” Jagex states. “We remain committed to RuneFest and bringing our wonderful community together again.”

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