WRUP: Moist dessert recipes edition

Less texture.

Wet Oreos™: fill a mixing bowl with water and then toss in like five Oreos and just let them all sit there until they are incredibly damp and disgusting, they look horrible, the water kills the flavor, why did you do this, oh right because you don’t deserve normal tasty and dry Oreos you deserve them to be thoroughly moistened by water

Wet pudding: You might already find that pudding is incredibly moist. But have you ever opened a single tapioca pudding cup, stepped into a bathtub filled to the brim with water, and dropped the pudding in there? No, don’t clean the bathtub first. No. Don’t take your jeans off. Yes, you have to stand in the water. You have to experience all of this. That’s part of it. Next you get a big straw and do a sippy.

Wet ice cream: Imagine if you had a fish tank and put in a single ice cream sandwich after filling it with water.

Wet What Are You Playing: leave a cake out in the rain

Bonus question: What’s your favorite bizarre adaptation of another media franchise adapted to a video game?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I’ll be lucky if I get any time in for exercise games with puppy duty being a thing.

I can think of some weird game to other media adaptations, but vice versa is often more bad than bizarre. If game to game counts, Bomberman Act: Zero would count for sure. Who asked for an edgy Bomberman? The other one that may fit better is putting The Iron Giant into MultiVersus. Doesn’t making the giant fight kind of negate the whole movie?

Andy McAdams: Since I wandered back into Final Fantasy XIV, probably trying to get more of the Yo-kai weapons and just generally motoring around waiting for Dawntrail. The Dragon Age reveal this week made me want to play Dragon Age: Inquisition or even some Mass Effect, I’m not sure which one. So I might hit that up too.

Bonus Question: I’ve always been kinda partial to the Dr. Pepper ads in Anarchy Online.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m gonna dart around this weekend, I think. I need to pop into Star Wars Galaxies Legends to flip my vendors, I want to put some more time into Ylands (maybe creative mode, this time), and Project Gorgon has been calling to me.

It’s not an MMO, but I remember buying the Wheel of Time game when it came out a thousand years ago, and it’s basically a shooter RPG with very little in common with the actual books. And super creepy too. (Like, here’s the link on GOG, and even the intro description is going to make WOT fans pull out their “that’s now how any of this works” memes.)

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Most of my focus is likely going to continue to be on The Elder Scrolls Online; I’ve picked up the greatest sorcerer cat (Ember) and have started journeying through the Clockwork City as I slowly inch ever closer to level 50. Past that there’s a quick final bit of clean-up and ordering ducks in Final Fantasy XIV to do, a few demos to check out on Steam, and a VR game based on the show Taskmaster that I want to see about trying.

I was going to bring up the romantic drama based around Colonel Sanders starring Mario Lopez (even wrote a review for it too for Justin’s Mutant Reviewers site), but that’s not really a media franchise, is it? So instead I’m going to go with the NES game Fester’s Quest, which turned a character from The Addams Family into a top-down shooter hero. It was fun even though its association with the TV series was… loose at best.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A little bit more prep work to be done in FFXIV as we get closer to Dawntrail (and yes, I am very ready for that) as I try to fight off spiraling in a way that is getting worse, not better. I also am going to keep poking at classic Mega Man games, just for nostalgia and familiarity.

I feel like some of the best bizarre licensed games came out in the 16-bit era and prior, because you had popular consoles and a lot of licensed properties that did not fit nicely into any genre that people could actually assemble on time and a budget in the era. In this particular case I’m going to give the nod to the NES version of Cool World, a not-very-good Ralph Bakshi film turned into a platformer for children. Who asked for this?

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Most of my gaming will once again be found in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. They dropped the next chapter of the season earlier this week and I haven’t sat down with it yet.

Bonus: Yo! Noid. I don’t remember why or where I played it but I remember it really well. It was originally based on a Domino’s Pizza ad campaign. It was surprising surprisingly a fun game too. At least it’s nostalgic! Bonus bonus: I think there was a California Raisins game I enjoyed.

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