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WRUP: The rest of the year of meme trends in advance edition

May: Pictures of eggs that have caught fire with captions about why the egg is on fire, ranging from "my clothes are still wet"...

WRUP: Insulting highways edition

Interstate 84: Hey, you! You're fat. You're stupid and fat. No one likes you. You smell like reclaimed caulk. Fat. Fat. Fat. Route 66: Ooh,...
Banjo music.

WRUP: How to make a giant mess out of the inside of your car if that’s your goal for whatever reason edition

What you'll need: A box of plastic disposable forks. Four bottles of foaming shaving cream. Rubber bands. Glitter. A Roomba. One full set of...
Pork chops

WRUP: Ham hunters edition

Ham hunters! Hunting ham! Not pigs. Pigs are where you get ham. They're just hunting actual ham. Why would you think they were hunting...
Wow, that was truly a Star War

WRUP: Talking about how much I specifically hate Kyle edition

Please note, the following is to be read if you are not Kyle only. If you are Kyle, do not read beyond this warning...

WRUP: Ring of Hedgehog Defense edition

While wearing this ring, you cannot be harmed by a hedgehog in any way. You cannot take damage from any hedgehog-related source. If a...
The HORSE is a noble animal.

WRUP: 101 uses for a hammer edition

Birds Big birds Small birds Nuthatches Fish Birds Fish Bats bats batty bay avast ye, this be the bay of bats hearken ye...
Not quite a werewolf.

WRUP: You have $15 to explain why you aren’t a werewolf edition

For $1: "Werewolves aren't real." "I'm just not." "Why are you asking me this?" "Already a vampire." "Mange." For $3: "Werewolves are real but they're...

WRUP: The story of the wombat edition

Once upon a time there was a wombat. This wombat's name was Simon Birchson. Everyone thought this wombat was very cute and nicely rotund,...

WRUP: cmon five more minutes edition

cmon five more minutes. gimme five more minutes. just gimme five minutes. just need five minutes. give me five minutes. only five minutes. demanding...

WRUP: Excerpt from my autobiography, ‘The Sushi Bar Will Never Open,’ available everywhere books aren’t sold on February 30 edition

Chapter 3: "But I Never Asked About The Walrus" At this point, my options were basically limited to either buying my way into college, buying...

WRUP: Beekeeping strategies edition

DON'T: Yell at your bees. DO: Yell encouraging things at flowers while making it clear that the yelling is not directed at the bees. DON'T: Throw...

WRUP: Advantages and Disadvantages edition

Advantages: Double-jointed (5 points) Triple-jointed (10 points) My limbs are covered in joints like one of those snakes you could get at a carnival...
There's no relief.

WRUP: Memories edition

Now that we're done with What Are You Playing, we can look back at some of the great memories this column has produced over...

WRUP: Absolutely the final WRUP ever (we mean it really seriously) edition

Well, folks, it's been a lot of fun doing all of these columns. We've laughed, we've cried, we've done that thing where we laugh...
Years and years.

WRUP: Magical riddles from this quest where my answers totally counted even if they were weird so get off my case edition

That troll who obviously wanted the answer to be "time" but actually phrased it so that "your mom" is a valid response: Look, he...
merr crismas

WRUP: The ultimate fates of all the neighborhood Christmas trees edition

The Douglas household: Thrown in the garbage. The Foster household: Thrown in the garbage. The Michaels household: Thrown in the garbage. The Johannsen household: Artificial; will be...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2020

Earlier this week, we named our biggest MMO story of the year and gave it an award, though we imagine it's hard for a...
Wow, that was truly a Star War

WRUP: All I want for Christmas is a very large number of things edition

I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree A little...
I ride this on the stage.

WRUP: Motorcycle fighter prestige class edition

Base Requirements: Probably should be some. The presence of motorcycles is important. Let's just say +5 BAB? Hit Dice: Oh, yeah, those are super important,...