what are you playing

WRUP. It stands for “what are you playing.” That’s it. Answer the question! [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

dem bones

WRUP: Chain letter edition

U have been given the SPOOKY SKELINTON WHAT R U PLAYIN and now u are AFFLICTED! If u dont want the spooky skelintons to...

WRUP: How to properly score your review of WRUP edition

★: You don't get the joke. ★★: Gave your pet various afflictions and also made your car alarm go off, but at least this time...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 354: Catch-up roundtable and state of the site

Justin, Bree, Tyler, and MJ discuss the 2021 MOP awards, Cryptic and PWE, Magic the Gathering Online, Fractured, Legends of Aria, Crowfall, and Book of Travels, with adventures in New World, Astroneer, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, Albion Online, Star Wars Galaxies, SWTOR, LOTRO, and Elder Scrolls Online, finishing it off with a state of the site recap.
Aw yeah.

WRUP: New year features edition

A pleasing pine scent is now present in all outdoor zones. An unpleasant and frankly offensive pine scent is now produced whenever you...

WRUP: Thank you edition

Sorry, everyone, but today I'm not in the mood for doing my usual What Are You Playing... but only because I want to offer...

WRUP: I can’t do this on command edition

Look, what the heck do you want from me? Every week, I hear the same thing. "Eliot, do that thing where you make blood...

WRUP: Kitty edition

Kitty! Hi kitty! Hello there, kitty! Come here, kitty! I just want to be your friend, kitty. You look like a soft kitty, aren't...
I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this.

WRUP: Botany on the moon edition

Moon pears: These are rocks. Obviously. Moon weeds: Also rocks. Moon logs: Actually, there are trees on the moon! They grow in the moon dirt to...
This is where

WRUP: Here are some things we could do when we hang out now that I own your mother’s house edition

We could go to the movies and see a movie that you really want to see even if I'm not really enthusiastic about it...

WRUP: Incidents in which Al Pacino has tried to sell me a cursed clarinet edition

June 5th, 1997: I was attending a local fishing convention with my father when Al Pacino emerged from the crowd and offered to sell...

WRUP: Ham is stored in the ham (with special guest star “Pumpkins are rather neat” repeated 39 times) edition

Ham is stored in the ham. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where is ham stored? A: In the ham. Q: Where is ham not stored? A: Not in the ham. Q:...
The Doom Brigade

WRUP: All the homies in the static and why they’re fart people edition

First, we have Tim. Tim is absolutely foul with the stench of farts. He is bequeathed by the bouquet of butt gases. Tim's actually...

WRUP: Ice edition

I can feel its fingers creeping into my depths. Once, it was when I closed my eyes; now, even when I open them I can...
I'm walkin' on, um, sky.

WRUP: What makes Star Wars characters cry edition

Rey: Sometimes she thinks about the fact that there are cats out in the galaxy whose owners never once pick them up and say,...
Not this.

WRUP: Who’s happy eating today edition

Kyle is doing the happy eat now with mashing mouth parts against the food slough, very many happy to be enjoying chew! Kyle make...

WRUP: How to know if you are the dumpster baby edition

Are you a true child of the dumpster? Are you a trash being made from garbage pieces? How can you be sure? Please read...

WRUP: Pinball scoring guide

Multiball Frenzy: Hit all seven of the rear bumpers to activate multiball, which doubles your score. Multiball Disappointment: Hit three of the rear bumpers and...
The finale

WRUP: The last Guild Wars 2 elite specs for the next expansion edition

Engineer: The Mastermind Rather than kits, this version of the Engineer summons tiny golems and clockwork robots to do their work for them. Wielding a...
hotline bling

WRUP: Photos I will skip over on my phone’s camera roll as we talk edition

A blurry shot of my feet that will be excused with "oh, not that one." Seventeen pictures of my cats. A picture of an...

WRUP: Words we don’t use here edition

Crazy. Argyle. Pomegranate. Tepid. Moist. Gassy. Fastidious. Molten. Gushing. Terrorized. Liquid. Hamburger. Clown. Webbed. Limpid. Inconsolable. Guilty. Seventeen. Magnanimous. Train. Overview. Comprehend. Masticate. Evangelize....