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And ANOTHER goddamn thing!

WRUP: Eliot’s power is still kaput, so behold, I am Eliot now

The part of Eliot in today's WRUP will be played by Bree. Unfortunately, Bree is not nearly as funny as Eliot and is very...

WRUP: The power of fist edition

Step 1: Have a hand. Step 2: Curl your fingers together so that the tips of your nails - your sweet, tender nails, so delicately...

WRUP: One hundred names you could give a pet lizard edition

Mr. Lizard. Mrs. Lizard. Scaly Max. Princess. Godzilla. Smaug. Smaugzilla. Captain. Ol' Slitherbelly. Borger. William. Super-William. William the Conqueror. William the Conqueror Specifically Of...

WRUP: These are some sins local animals have committed edition

Turkeys: At least two of the neighborhood turkeys were guilty of bearing false witness when I asked them if they had seen my keys...

WRUP: Lesser-used Street Fighter combo sequences

Please note, all commands assume you are facing right; reverse commands if you are facing left. All combos assume you are also playing in-person;...

WRUP: Robot edition

Note: Due to general apathy, my updates for this thing will now be written for our robot audience by my helpful companion unit ZR-44581-Q....

WRUP: And another thing edition

It turns out I'm still angry! I mean, why exactly are you this reluctant to just go ahead and say "beta" at this point?...

WRUP: Troubleshooting common snake problems edition

Problem: Snake does not exist. Solution: Go buy a snake, you idiot. Problem: Snake is hissing at me and biting me and has indicated that it...

WRUP: Major features of the upcoming Crabs, Mark V edition

All crabs will now be able to pinch even harder, especially when in close proximity to items manufactured or distributed by the Banana...

Massively Overthinking: Do you keep MMOs installed for the login freebies?

MOP reader Styopa proposed this fun topic for Massively Overthinking this week, prompted, he said, by Standing Stone Games' recent promotions for

WRUP: Like a wombat edition

Work getting you down? Why not handle it... like a wombat? Relationship not going super great? Have you considered fixing it... like a wombat?...

WRUP: The Peter & Gordon world transfer corollary sheet edition

To whom it may concern, Thank you for your interest in this brave new existence of an alternate reality. Before the transfer is complete, please...
Yeah, no.

WRUP: Tips for being less boring edition

All right, this week's What Are You Playing is ready to go! Serious life advice about how to be less boring, let's do...
You were hoping for a picture of Tgek'dmal, I know.

WRUP: Small shopping centers I have known and how they would deal with the spite of Tgek’dmal edition

Fox Run Mall: Soothing atmosphere coupled with a poor layout and an unclear differentiation between the larger area and the proper Fox Run Mall...
weedle weedle weeeeeeee

WRUP: Dance Dancer Revolution walkthrough as spoken by your terrible college boyfriend edition

Up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, left arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, down arrow hold, up arrow, left arrow, left arrow, left...
Save it, doppelgangers!

WRUP: How to safeguard from doppelgangers edition

All right, people, it's time to keep your eyes open for doppelgangers. In this article, we're going to let you know about the secret...

WRUP: Lies I have told to myself in the past week and when I realized that they were lies edition

"This week I am going to take the time to really cook this meal in a way I've never tried it before." Lasted until...

WRUP: The fable of the turtle and the stockbroker edition

Once upon a time, there lived a turtle. He lived in a marsh. He sat on logs and sunned himself, when he got too...
hotline bling

WRUP: Why I stole your cell phones and what I did with them on May 14th, 2013 edition

Ryan Neibler (44) of Oceanside, Long Island: It was very important that I text my best friend a list of wombat facts I had...

WRUP: Song listing for Andrew Lloyd Weber’s next musical ‘Horses’ edition

Overture: several actual horse neighing sounds are played while the actors sit and vape on the stage. One of them occasionally says "horse" but...