what are you playing

WRUP. It stands for “what are you playing.” That’s it. Answer the question! [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]


WRUP: I like hamburger edition

I like. Hamburger. I. like hamburger? Hambuuuger. Ham. bougar. I liek hamburger with CHEEEEESE i liek hanbarger. Man e placse serve hunborgor four ME...
The monkeys know.

WRUP: New conspiracy theories for Winter 2019 to Spring 2020 edition

Seltzer is just denatured alcohol that has been yelled at by professional Yell Masters. It's why White Claws taste good. (If you think they...
This might have.

WRUP: Which ingredients in your burrito have angered the Bog Witch edition

Cilantro: The Bog Witch doesn't like cilantro. She hates explaining that to people because people are always asking her if it tastes like soap...
We also like making you get dumb things!

WRUP: Nearby parallel universe directory edition

Index 47289983-BBA-4683: Ducks do not quack but sing the Ghostbusters theme song. Index 47289983-BBA-4684: The Ghostbusters theme song is just ducks quacking. Index 47289983-BBA-4685: Stan Lee...
Be kind

WRUP: All the words from the Wikipedia entry on ‘Garbage’ starting with the letter D edition

Discarded due does disposal discard describe discards discard distinctions disposed divided derived down dry dry distinction describe dry discarded days dry dissipated discarded designed...
So much for good times. Or all right times.

WRUP: That good times thing actually sounded nice edition

So... hey, Ion, you're not reading this, but just for the record? I know you were trying to tell a big old jokey-joke with...
Banjo music.

WRUP: Old Rancid Mike’s Vile Garbage Salad edition

Back in 1844, a man named Michael Harrington took over a small storefront in Queens, NY with a simple goal: To serve gullible idiots...
Some of the words are here.

WRUP: Yes these are all of the good words edition

As a long-time professional... write... person... writeranarian? Write-maker. As a professional for whatever my field is called, some people think it is my job...
This is like my phone.

WRUP: All of my cell phone’s notification sounds edition

Email (Work): The sound of a man smashing his fist through a plate-glass window followed by a series of epithets making it entirely...

WRUP: Cynthia’s report about hedgehogs has raised some concerns among the faculty edition

Look, Cynthia is a bright eight-year old. All of us know that. But the thing is... well, some of us among the faculty have...
This picture is about horses.

WRUP: Things Kyle’s mom does not actually let him do edition

Stay up as late as he wants: Kyle's mom has a bedtime for him that's actually earlier than yours. Kyle is just a little......
Thanks, I hate it.

WRUP: Has the whole world gone crazy checklist edition

STEP 1: Assessing the world Does the world appear to have gone crazy? If YES, go to Step 2 If NO, CHECKLIST COMPLETE STEP 2: Assessing the cause...

WRUP: What’s in the Forgetting Closet edition

Last week's car bill: This is how I save so much money on my car loan. The company forgets they sent it and then...

WRUP: My Internet was out all night so all you get are some facts about piccolos edition

Yep, my Internet was out all night when this would normally have been written. Thus, you will have to enjoy this list of facts...

Torchlight II has officially launched for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One today

In last week's WRUP, I mentioned playing a thing I couldn't talk about on my Switch. Now I can because 2012 ARPG Torchlight...

WRUP: See the puppet show that’s too hot for Arby’s edition

Yes! It's true! Live for however long it takes for McDonald's to kick me out, it's the puppet show that's too hot for Arby's!...
Not this.

WRUP: How to cook a quiche

Ingredients: 1 refrigerated pie crust, 6 large eggs, 3/4 cup of whole milk, 3/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, 1 1/2 cups shredded...

WRUP: Upcoming trends from movie studios edition

Warner Bros: Having watched every single attempt at its franchises completely fail to gain any serious traction, Warner Bros ultimately decides to throw up...
Harley left a long time ago.

WRUP: Rejected Joker schemes to kill Batman with rejection notes edition

Scheme from H. Mortimer: "Develop a new time-delayed explosive that are placed in cakes throughout the city. While Batman is trying to collect the...
Ham ham ham ham ham.

WRUP: This sentence, translated back and forth between languages, is this week’s What Are You Playing edition

This sentence, translated back and forth between languages, is this week's What Are You Playing. This sentence, translated between languages ​​and so forth,...