This failed for lots of reasons, let's be real.

WRUP: Lex Luthor All-Star Racing edition

Introducing the new hit crossover kart racing game, Lex Luthor All-Star Racing! How many characters can you play? Just one, Lex Luthor! You can...

PUBG Mobile plans new ‘healthy gaming’ feature reminding you to take breaks

Young man! How long have you played this game? I said young man! Your playtime is insane! You should slow down, maybe out of the house, You...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 220: Everybody gets a dragon!

Justin and Bree discuss City of Heroes, lockboxes, Fallout 76, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, RIFT, ZeniMax, and New World, with a mailbag question about epic MMO character creators.
I reckon not.

WRUP: Ol’ Jeb ain’t been the same what since he bought that pear tree edition

Nope, I tell you, it ain't no lie. Been living next door to Ol' Jeb near on fifty years now, I reckon, but the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 219: The 64-bit generation

Justin and Bree discuss Blizzard financials, City of Heroes, Fallout 76, Final Fantasy XIV, WoW Classic, EVE Online, LOTRO, and Guild Wars, with mailbag topics on Blizzard, everythingboxes, genderlocking, and dad jokes.
This took some work.

WRUP: Frankly you all should be thanking me for the scope of problems I have caused edition

I understand that there are some people upset at the sheer scope of problems that my reckless actions have caused. However, I think that...

WRUP: Further firsts for the Marvel Cinematic Universe edition

All right, so now Avengers: Endgame has proven that not only could this franchise survive for a decade, it can successfully reach a satisfying...
Hooray, I actually do exist!

Massively OP Podcast Episode 218: A pretty darn good week

Justin and Bree discuss City of Heroes, Atlas Reactor, Peria Chronicles, Torchlight Frontiers, Caravan Stories, Villagers & Heroes, and Star Trek Online.
Sure, why not.

WRUP: Dice ships, a wholly untested game edition

Dice Ships is a game in which you and your opponent take turns rolling a whole bunch of dice and shooting at one another....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 217: City of Heroes after dark

Justin, Eliot, and Bree discuss the so-called "secret" City of Heroes SCORE private server slash emulator and why it has this long-running community up in arms.
Them's fighting words.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 216: Star Wars frenzy

Justin and Bree discuss big SWTOR expansion news, plus news from WoW, Blizzard, Guild Wars 2, Skyforge, TERA, Albion, Blade & Soul, and DDO, with a mailbag question on MMO expansion difficulty.
I'm walkin' on, um, sky.

WRUP: Star Wars: They Decided To Make Another One Edition

Gosh, it turns out they're making another Star Wars movie! I'm surprised. I'd have thought that with an Avengers movie happening in a couple...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 215: Anthem exposed

Justin and Bree discuss Anthem and BioWare, Guild Wars 2, DCUO, RIFT, Albion, DDO, Dragon Quest X, and Black Desert, plus a mailbag topic on event fatigue in MMOs.
This is a guard.

WRUP: The ultimate pointless logic test edition

Before you are several doors, each of which has a guard in front of it. You are allowed to ask any question of the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 214: No fools we

Justin and Bree discus MMO April Fools' Day, Jumpgate's sequel, Funcom's new Secret World project, EverQuest 3, Rend's abrupt launch, Star Citizen's ladies, and Neverwinter and DDO's expansion dates, with adventures in Guild Wars 2, DDO, and Blade & Soul, and a mailbag question on MMO emulators.
And ANOTHER goddamn thing!

Wisdom of Nym: All of the shards in Final Fantasy XIV

Look, the date of this article is a complete coincidence. Obviously, we're going to the First inĀ Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion. We know...
Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Massively Overpowered feature patch notes for April Oneth

Here at Massively Overpowered, we're always doing our best to make use of our staff's particular talents. We make sure to have Justin saying...

WRUP: Things you can glue to your car edition

You can glue lots of stuff to your car. Here's a list of some of the things you can glue to your car. A...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 213: FFXIV’s first world problems

Justin and Bree discuss FFXIV's controversial reveals, WoW level squish, Albion Online F2P, Glitch, Age of Conan, and Google Stadia, with adventures in Trove, SWG, Starmourn, LOTRO, and Rock Band, and mailbag letter on feeling perpetually behind in MMOs.
Go for it.

WRUP: New drinks served at your local bar edition

The Frosty MacMurphy: Take one part Scotch, one part eggnog, one part motor oil, and one part expired eggnog. Put all of that stuff...