EVE Online players stage in-game protests over New Dawn mining changes


At face value, EVE Online’s New Dawn quadrant read like a boon for miners with mining changes and resource improvements on tap. However, the players of the game have dug in a bit deeper and have come away extremely unhappy to the point that there have been huge protests at the in-game location of Jita.

At the heart of the matter are several issues including nerfs to the Rorqual mining vessel, an apparent continuation of austerity in the form of mining waste that reportedly removes most of the new mining gains as well as the removal of a large number of asteroid belts in lowsec and nullsec, and complaints regarding ore compression changes among other things. The whole debacle has seen numerous protests organize over the past weekend, with players flying to Jita to open fire on a monument there – a reference to similar protests that occurred during the Incarna release. There has also been no shortage of meme posts about the whole matter as well; the EVE subreddit is almost entirely memes all the way down.

During a recent developer livestream, one of the game’s stream commentators blew off player complaints in the Twitch chat as whining. “I would like to give a shoutout to all the people whining in Twitch chat. Your salt is really good for my popcorn, so keep it going guys,” the commentator said. Furthermore, a CSM rep said that those taking part in the protests should be “fucking ashamed of themselves.”

In spite of this chest thumping behavior, the reaction and feedback from EVE players is at least bending CCP’s ear as the devs promise to revisit cycle times for all compression modules, reduce the Orca Industrial Core cycle duration, and revisit all waste probabilities among other changes. The update is also on the game’s test server and the devs are urging players to hop in and grant hands-on feedback.

sources: official site, Reddit (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) via The Ancient Gaming Noob, official forums. An earlier version of this story incorrectly attributed the source of the “popcorn” quote to a CCP dev; it was in fact not an employee but a commentator on CCP’s official stream channel. We regret the error.
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