new dawn

The MOP Up: MapleStory celebrates 17 years of two-dimensional adventuring

As of last month, it's been 17 years since MapleStory first released. To celebrate, Nexon released the Blooming Forest update with plenty of anniversary...

Osiris New Dawn adds multiplayer vehicles and improved travel in the Voyager update

Exploring the survival sandbox worlds of Osiris: New Dawn is inevitably going to involve travel, but as of the newly released Voyager update, that...

Dauntless’ new patch brings more New Dawn story, shortens item rumor requirements, and preps for Springtide

Spring has almost sprung in the world of Dauntless, and Slayers' minds turn to thoughts of collecting Carrot Chips for Easter-themed goodies. Yes, the...

Dauntless hints at work on social updates, the return of seasonal talent trees, and an ‘endless challenge’ mode

It's never too early to consider what's coming next in Dauntless, at least as far as the devs at Phoenix Labs are concerned. This...

Dauntless lights up with radiant-themed monster variant, omnicell, and hunt pass in Reach of Radiance update

Get your radiant armor and umbral weapons ready, Slayers, because Dauntless is bringing plenty of light with the New Dawn update. And by "light,"...
Bad decisions? We love those!

EVE Online previews updates coming to structures, ore compression, and battleships ahead of Fanfest 2022

With the in-person Fanfest of EVE Online inching its way closer, CCP Games is hoping to spin up some hype for both the event...

The MOP Up: Fiesta Online logs into the Realm of Love

"The loveliest season of the year has begun and the little bees are busy transporting love letters from town to town. Bells are ringing...

Osiris New Dawn overhauls UI, plans new release cadence for 2022

It's been months since we've peeked into Osiris New Dawn, but the 2016 early access survivalbox has been trucking along in beta anyway. Most...

Dauntless makes bounty tokens and purchased hunt passes permanent in latest update

Dauntless likes its battle passes, as regular players no doubt are aware by now, but those battle passes were only available for a limited...

The MOP Up: Warframe gets ready for its ‘best year yet’

High on its recent New War update, Warframe's year-end letter promised so much more coming in 2022. "We dedicated our Update 31: The New War...

EVE Online’s mining changes go live, include tweaks to mining waste and the delay of compression changes

Like it or not, the Rorqual and Orca will no longer be lords of space rock nibbling in EVE Online. The New Dawn quadrant's...

EVE Online’s EVE Universe pulls together the lore and history of New Eden into one website

How does cloning work in EVE Online? What about the battles that have raged before? Who the heck are these Amarr folks and why...

EVE Online players stage in-game protests over New Dawn mining changes

At face value, EVE Online's New Dawn quadrant read like a boon for miners with mining changes and resource improvements on tap. However, the...

EVE Online’s New Dawn quadrant promises mining updates, more resources, and new exploration sites

Today marks a New Dawn for EVE Online, which is the title of the game's newest quadrant of updates as well as the herald...

The MOP Up: Genshin Impact puts on a global concert

There's no doubt among fans that Genshin Impact has an amazing soundtrack, so there should be a whole lot of people happy to hear...

The MOP Up: Ankama, the studio behind Wakfu and Dofus, turns 20

This past week marked a huge milestone for the parent studio of Wakfu and Dofus, as Ankama turned 20 years old. To celebrate, Ankama...

The MOP Up: Wild Terra 2 invites you to have a good time on, uhhh… Plague Island

With a name like "Plague Island," you know you're in for a great time! This zone will be the first seasonal continent that Wild...

The MOP Up: Warface tops 117 million registered players, Skyforge is up to 13 million

Warface -- no, not Warframe, it's that other game -- is being held up as one of the crown jewels in My.Games' portfolio. My.Games...
Oh dear.

The MOP Up: ArcheAge heads to the beach for sand and surf

Both versions of ArcheAge are urging players to take a break from their usual routine of species extermination to play in the sand and...

Osiris: New Dawn gets to work on squashing bugs and improving ship camera controls in recent patch

Now that the Fires of Industry update is out the door, the devs of survival sandbox Osiris: New Dawn can get to work on...