Osiris New Dawn adds three new modes and critters that can be run over by vehicles


At long last, players of the early access sci-fi survivalbox Osiris: New Dawn can make themselves some roadkill. The latest patch to the title has, among a wide variety of other things, added “Physically Based Creatures,” which basically means they are affected by physics, respect things with collision such as defensive walls, and yes, can be run over by vehicles.

Obviously, there’s much more to the update than smooshing aliens with reckless vehicular abandon. The primary feature of this new patch is the completion of a story mode that players can take on, as well as a survival challenge mode with ramped-up difficulty and a creative mode that removes survival elements and lets players choose their starting world.

Other features include automatic terrain deformation when placing large structures, new interactions and animations, a more significant oxygen tethering requirement, and damaging dust storms among many other refinements.

source: Steam
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