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Survivalbox Osiris New Dawn, now back on Steam, is testing a new planet and space station realism

Osiris New Dawn has been one of the more puzzling development stories we've covered over the last few years, owing almost entirely to the...

Osiris New Dawn returns from the dead with ‘enhanced expedition update’ and apologies for silence

Back in April, we were genuinely surprised to see Osiris New Dawn return from the dead, though given a name like that, we should've...

Osiris New Dawn resurfaces with a new April update after 2023 Steam delisting

It's been almost a year since we heard much from Osiris New Dawn, and it's apparently not just us as the official site hasn't...

Whatever happened to Osiris New Dawn, Cinderstone Online, and Magnificent 5?

Welcome back to a fresh edition of Whatever Happened To, the randomly occurring column in which we realize some MMOs have fallen off our...

Osiris New Dawn formally departs early access for launch, having sold 600K copies

If you blinked, you missed it: Multiplayer survival sandbox Osiris New Dawn quietly moved from early access to launch this week. It wasn't a...
More building!

Osiris New Dawn finishes up its story mode in latest experimental branch update

Every story has to end some time, and so too has the one being told by survival sandbox Osiris: New Dawn. The game's latest...

Osiris New Dawn mulls over its latest update’s pros, cons, and adjustment work ahead

The latest update made to sci-fi survivalbox Osiris: New Dawn applied a variety of changes, most notably a completed story mode and a number...

Osiris New Dawn adds three new modes and critters that can be run over by vehicles

At long last, players of the early access sci-fi survivalbox Osiris: New Dawn can make themselves some roadkill. The latest patch to the title...
Sure, all right, whatever?

Betawatch: Diablo IV’s endgame beta is on the way

What's the endgame going to be like for Diablo IV? All right, yes, it's going to be frantically clicking on monsters who explode in...

Osiris New Dawn is now two major updates away from leaving early access

Big news for those following the progress of sci-fi survivalbox Osiris: New Dawn: The game is now two major updates away from heading into...

Osiris New Dawn introduces multiplayer crossplay between Steam and EGS, teases its next major update

While the silly tribalism between Steam users and EGS users continues to be an unfortunate thing, the sci-fi survival sandbox of Osiris: New Dawn...

Osiris New Dawn adds multiplayer vehicles and improved travel in the Voyager update

Exploring the survival sandbox worlds of Osiris: New Dawn is inevitably going to involve travel, but as of the newly released Voyager update, that...

Osiris New Dawn overhauls UI, plans new release cadence for 2022

It's been months since we've peeked into Osiris New Dawn, but the 2016 early access survivalbox has been trucking along in beta anyway. Most...

Osiris: New Dawn gets to work on squashing bugs and improving ship camera controls in recent patch

Now that the Fires of Industry update is out the door, the devs of survival sandbox Osiris: New Dawn can get to work on...

Osiris New Dawn’s latest update adds a mining drill, new plants, a traveling space station, and monster species

It's time to ignite the Fires of Industry in the survival sandbox of Osiris: New Dawn, which here means that the titular update is...

Osiris New Dawn’s Discovery update adds new biomes, flora investigation, and space station building

Most of the time in games, a discovery system usually involves aiming a scanner at something and hitting a button. In the Discovery update...

The MOP Up: Neverwinter’s April Fools dungeon

April Fools Day may be past, but its spirit lives on in Neverwinter! This past week's small patch opened up a mini-dungeon for goofy...
Same hat.

The MOP Up: Destiny 2 sanctions unorthodox raiding

Just because the devs think you're going to play the game one way doesn't mean that players aren't going to pour a whole lot...

The Stream Team: A fresh look at Osiris New Dawn’s survival update

It has been a long time since Massively OP's MJ roamed around Osiris: New Dawn on her giant crab contraption. And with last month's...

Osiris: New Dawn’s Survival update doubles down on survival mechanics and improves performance

If you prefer more "survival" in your survival sandbox gaming, then last week's appropriately named Survival update to Osiris: New Dawn is likely going...