Osiris New Dawn resurfaces with a new April update after 2023 Steam delisting


It’s been almost a year since we heard much from Osiris New Dawn, and it’s apparently not just us as the official site hasn’t had much movement since 2022. Readers might recall that this multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox moved from early access to launch at the top of 2023, but when we checked in last May, we found it had been abruptly removed from Steam download and plagued by angry reviews from players who considered it a scam. Either way, it’s been pretty quiet ever since.

That’s apparently changing now, as earlier this month, the devs at Fenix Fire resurfaced “after a brief hiatus to recharge [their] batteries” – using a very interesting definition of the word brief. The studio promised everything in a “nice big update on the way” from server stability to multiplayer fine-tuning – even multiplayer spaceship travel. The servers were apparently upgraded last fall too. Not addressed in the Steam missive? The fact that the game is still (at the time of that writing and this writing) not available to buy or download on Steam.

A follow-up post earlier this week delays the update to the end of April, detailing 24 key patch notes. Again, there’s no clarity on what’s going on with the Steam version here either. Posters on Reddit do note that the game is available through EGS, but it’s an older client. Either way… see you in April, apparently.

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