Whatever happened to Osiris New Dawn, Cinderstone Online, and Magnificent 5?


Welcome back to a fresh edition of Whatever Happened To, the randomly occurring column in which we realize some MMOs have fallen off our radar and we drag them back into view.

Osiris New Dawn: I’m afraid we’re starting with a big bummer in Osiris New Dawn. Readers will recall it left early access for launch back in January of this very year after many years of development, layoffs, and 600,000 copies sold. But Steam reviews were abysmal, development slowed to a crawl once again, and while the game is apparently still buyable on the Epic Games Store, as of this writing it’s been pulled from Steam. Some players report multiplayer is intermittently non-functional, though there are 33 people playing on Steam as we type this. Unfortunately, this one appears dead in the water.

Cinderstone Online: Cinderstone, on the other hand, turns out to be very much alive, in spite of what developer Codevision earlier this month characterized as a “lack of updates on [its] Steam page for the past seven months.” The cutesy early access MMO originally known as Fioresia Online is actually set to launch out of beta on May 29th with a significant patch upgraded graphics, performance, QOL, trading, and plenty more. There’s also a big – and free – stress test this weekend with no NDA; sign-ups are easy through Steam.

Magnificent 5: But now we’ll end on another down note, as Mag 5 was pulled off Steam. As MMO Fallout reminds us, Magnificent 5 was Sergey Titov’s followup to New Frontier aka Wild West Online, a flopped MMO. Mag 5 was the battle royale built on the corpses of its sibling. Apparently, the game topped out at 55 concurrent players and never received any updates since launch in 2020, and indeed that version of Free Reign Entertainment appears to have vanished too. Another one bites the dust.

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