Whatever happened to Osiris New Dawn, Cinderstone Online, and Magnificent 5?

Welcome back to a fresh edition of Whatever Happened To, the randomly occurring column in which we realize some MMOs have fallen off our...

Not So Massively roundup: Iron Harvest, Second Extinction, Valorant, Paladins, Wolf Team, The Cycle, and New Frontier

Welcome back to a quick roundup of recent news from some not-so-massively online multiplayer titles. Wolf Team: Gamigo's MMOFPS introduced a new map last week...

Magnificent 5, the battle royale Wild West Online spinoff, is now out on Steam, kinda

Way back in the long long ago, Wild West Online joined the MMO scene, kinda flopped, relaunched, all but sank its studio, was rescued...

New Frontier leaves early access, Magnificent 5 enters early access, and a zombie-based spinoff is revealed

This one is a bit of a wild ride, friends, so bear with me here. One game has broken up into three pieces, each...

Lawful Neutral: What’s China really worth to the Western gaming industry?

You know what we never talk about these days? China and video games! We should do that more. For example, did you know that...
Why. Does. Your. Breath. Smell. Like. Birdseed?

New Frontier updates former Wild West Online players on its relationship to Free Reign Entertainment

Ah, those delirious moments when every new set of answers about the state of a game's publisher just leads to a new set of...
Yes, you should feel sad.

New Frontier launches on Steam with the publisher that supposedly was not connected to the game

Oh boy. Oh, boy. So you all remember Wild West Online, right? Survival sandbox that launched in much the same way that having a...

Light some fires in Red Dead Online’s newest Showdown mode, Sport of Kings

Prepare to ride like royalty, Red Dead Online players; the game's latest update brings a new Showdown game mode, Sport of Kings, which will...

Outlaws of the Old West makes way for an old-fashioned barn raising

Guess this is a good week to giddy-up! After hearing that Wild West Online is back under the moniker New Frontier, survival sandbox Outlaws...

Wild West Online rebrands as New Frontier, now with steampunk and alien monsters

You know what they say: When a horse is beaten to death, that's just a good opportunity to reanimate it as a steampunk monstrosity. The...

First Impressions: My first three days of survival in Outlaws of the Old West

Back in 1999, I lived out in Colorado Springs and basked in the wide-open spaces, the scenic mountains, the towering mesas, and the feeling...

Red Dead Online puts a wild-west twist on capture the flag with its new Spoils of War game mode

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned showdown, and the folks at Rockstar know it, which is why they've just expanded Red Dead Online's Showdown...

Snail Games’ Outlaws of the Old West rustle up a Steam early access launch

Form a posse with your best friends and ride out of that fantasy game and into the old west, for today Snail Games has...

Red Dead Online’s testers grump over patch issues as Rockstar updates with Fool’s Gold event

During MOP's last podcast recording, Justin and I discussed Snail Games' upcoming Outlaws of the Old West survival sandbox MMO-lite, and naturally we pointed...
Outand aboutlaws.

Survival sandbox Outlaws of the Old West shares a sneak peek at its biomes

A new player on the unstable western gaming scene, Outlaws of the Old West looks like it has things more together than certain other...

Red Dead Online’s latest update adds daily challenges, new events, and more

The first major batch of updates has come to the Red Dead Online beta, bringing with it new gameplay features, weapons, clothing, and more....
Old town road optional.

Brave the American frontier in Virtual Basement’s upcoming Outlaws of the Old West, published by Snail Games

Step aside, Red Dead Online; there's a new wild-west sandbox moseying into town -- the newly announced Outlaws of the Old West from developer...

Battle Bards Episode 138: Wild wild westerns

Boy howdy, is it time for another highfalutin Battle Bards episode? Shucks, looks like! In this week’s show, the trio saddle up for a...

Heat might be the PC’s answer to Red Dead Online and the flopped Wild West Online, if the dev can actually follow through

If last year's Old West multiplayer titles like Red Dead Online and Wild West Online left you cold, then Heat might warm you up....

The Survivalist: Giving thanks for survival, from the genre to Conan Exiles

Since my column falls on Thursday, I always have the honor of sharing in the spirit of Thanksgiving by discussing what I am grateful...