Snail Games’ Outlaws of the Old West rustle up a Steam early access launch


Form a posse with your best friends and ride out of that fantasy game and into the old west, for today Snail Games has launched the early access version of Outlaws of the Old West on Steam.

Yes, it’s another survival sandbox, although the western motifs may help to give it a publicity push — especially considering how Wild West Online fizzled out last year and Red Dead Online has some unknown beef with coming out on the PC.

OOW (not to be confused with OWW) bills itself as a “massively multiplayer survival MMO with a huge world, thousands of items, and a modular building system.” So expect a lot of bear shooting, bear skinning, and bear fur fashion as part of your gameplay loop. Expect to see other survival game features, such as progressively more inhospitable biomes, 150-player servers, need meters, changing weather, and fishing across its 144 square kilometers of play area.

Snail Games is publishing this one and plans to keep it in early access for the next year.

Source: Steam
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