outlaws of the old west

Whatever happened to Snail Games’ Outlaws of the Old West?

In the spring of 2019, Snail Games launched Virtual Basement's then-new survival sandbox MMO Outlaws of the Old West into Steam early access under...

Battle Bards Episode 181: Around the world

Stuck at home? Denied a vacation this year? The Battle Bards are here to help! In seven songs, the cross-continental crew travel all around...

The MOP Up: War Thunder helps the US Army train in quarantine

How is the US Army training during this era of COVID-19? By playing video games, of course! War Thunder said in a press release, "We...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online’s daughter of giants

The countdown is on for Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor. One of the characters that you will bump into in Skyrim is Lyris Titanborn, a...

The MOP Up: Darkfall Rise of Agon heats up

No, Darkfall Rise of Agon's map up there didn't just contract chicken pox; that's a "heat map" showing all of the bloodthirsty hot spots...

The MOP Up: Outlaws of the Old West wipes its servers

The survival sandbox that brought you Bigfoot (for some reason) is now triggering a region-wide apocalypse. OK, it's just a server wipe for Outlaws...
Attract mode.

The MOP Up: Vietnam gets Closers Online

There's one new country for Closers Online to conquer in 2020: Vietnam. The Southeast Asian nation just went into open beta and has a...

The MOP Up: Mortal Online’s meaning of Christmas

What is Christmas like in a brutal and bloody sandbox MMORPG? To answer that, you'll need to head to Mortal Online for a first-hand...
To rather uneventfully go.

The MOP Up: Star Trek Online’s thorny patrol

Cryptic is really hot to trot with Star Trek Online's new patrol system, and this past week the studio highlighted the third new one:...
Old town road optional.

Outlaws of the Old West splits its single-player sessions to a dedicated version

If the headline there made you anxious and possibly brought visions of other titles wherein development was split for vaguely worded reasons, relax. Outlaws of...

Outlaws of the Old West has wiped again with its new traveling merchant patch

We've been keeping an eye on Snail Games' "massively multiplayer survival MMO" Outlaws of the Old West since its original announcement this past spring,...

The MOP Up: Lost Ark expands to Japan and eyes an Assassin class

Lost Ark is setting its sights on new horizons - are we next? We still don't know, but this past week, Smilegate revealed it...
Roll some dice to see if I'm getting drunk!

Outlaws of the Old West finally allows you to be drunk and disorderly

If your game is offering players a chance to have an adventure in the Old West, it really ought to include the ability to...
Bears are always fashionable.

Outlaws of the Old West patches in the tailor

Being on the wrong side of the law in Outlaws of the Old West is no excuse for looking less than fashionable. Fortunately for those...
World again.

Betawatch: ReWorld beta is due in two months

Look, over that way! Is it a beta announcement? No, it's an announcement of a beta announcement, as the ReWorld Online Twitter has announced that there...

Outlaws of the Old West brings a taxidermist and a slew of bug fixes

Varmints. Critters. Animals. They're going to cross your path and run in to your bullets out there in the survival MMO wilds of Outlaws...

Outlaws of the Old West makes way for an old-fashioned barn raising

Guess this is a good week to giddy-up! After hearing that Wild West Online is back under the moniker New Frontier, survival sandbox Outlaws...
Bears are always fashionable.

The MOP Up: Outlaws of the Old West wipes and merges servers

Bear is not happy. Sure, Bear just got shot and is experiencing a lower quality of life than a few seconds before, but that's...

Outlaws of the Old West’s barbershop offers a cut and a shave for two bits

Not everyone is expertly skilled at the fine arts of character creation, a sad fact that results in more heartbreak every year than the...

The MOP Up: Warframe descends to Deck 12 on consoles

Warframe's Deck 12 has unlocked for console players -- and there are deep, dark secrets to be uncovered by descending to it. "Now is the...