The MOP Up: Warframe descends to Deck 12 on consoles


Warframe’s Deck 12 has unlocked for console players — and there are deep, dark secrets to be uncovered by descending to it.

“Now is the time to unearthed the secret lurking below known as Deck 12,” Digital Extremes said. “But be wary, The Exploiter Orb Mother and a host of skittering Raknoids have made the platform and the surrounding area their home. It will take strength, fortitude, and teamwork to destroy The Exploiter and avenge the fallen Solaris. Are you up to the challenge?”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Awakened weapons are now a thing in Riders of Icarus, thanks to this past week’s patch!

KutzPel’s launch has been delayed from Q1 to Q2 2019: “We originally planned to fix major bugs from CBT and release Early Access sometime in March, but once we received everyone’s feedback, we realized that we had more work to do than we initially anticipated.”

Spiral Knights is now eight years old, and you can celebrate the anniversary by grabbing a surprise box and going on a couple of birthday missions.

PvP league season 16 is now all the rage in Guild Wars 2, unless you rage for PvE content instead.

Lineage 2 Revolution increased the level cap to 360 and added a new region and pets.

The prelude preparations for Dark Age of Camelot’s spring festival currently are in full swing.

Heroes & Generals added a new tank vs. tank mode, a pair of additional vehicles, and Korean localization with its recent update.

Ring of Elysium kicked off Adventurer Season 3 and added several “pirate-themed” events for those who didn’t think that this title had enough genre confusion. Thanks Pasha for the tip!

Aion EU is releasing Update 6.5 on April 3rd with “transformations, additional Daevanion Skills, an expanded Cube system and loads of game improvements.”

RIFT pumped out a small update that mostly made adjustments to the Enclave of Ahnket.

And speaking of small patches, Conan Exiles flung one out for the PC that fixed some bugs and adjusted crafting XP for blunted javelins.

QubeTown, a mobile farming sim that you’ve probably never heard of, just added a Stack-Up minigame even that’s running through April 1st. Which is tomorrow. So, like, get on that.

Farming in Old School RuneScape got even better thanks to the addition of the Seed Vault to the Farmer’s Guild: “The seed vault started out as a project to add to the Farming Guild and was initially started by Mod Munro. With his departure, it was left without an owner and no real time to take it on. I loved the idea so much and farming is my favourite skill so I really wanted to see it in the game.”

Wurm Online added a new Battle Camp HotA system that spawns every 25 hours in a random spot across the map.

MapleStory 2’s economy is getting hecka better, most notably with the Meso Market: “The Meso Market allows Maplers to supplement their bank by purchasing blocks of 5,000,000 mesos from fellow players, and for those with a wealth and a half of mesos to earn some Blue Merets by selling off what they have to spare.” Coming soon after? Accessory socket opening!

The MP5K submachine gun, a free anniversary cap, and a new season pass arrived with PUBG’s Update 27.

This week’s War of Rights update contained a lot of additional sounds for that authentic Civil War experience. Well, that authentic “opening and closing doors” experience anyway!

Look at a trio of systems — mail, mining, and gold exchange — in Outlaws of the Old West:

Survival shooter DayZ is now out on Xbox One. Lock and load with this trailer:

There’s a 100-player battle royale game coming from NetEase called Ride Out Heroes, and you might be able to join the testing pool for it right now:

MapleStory M shone a spotlight on Mercedes, one of six legendary heroes that you can choose to play:

The Assassin joins the lineup in Blade and Soul: Revolution’s mobile adventures:

The “pinnacle” of Hearthstone’s esports is coming with Hearthstone Grandmasters. Plus, there’s an expansion to anticipate, if that’s your sort of thing:

Breach’s dev team gathered together to talk about the upcoming challenge system and Shadow Master class:

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