First Impressions: Atlas Rogues’ current early access is a broken imitation of Atlas Reactor

Thanks to some truly weird control scheme issues, it took me an absurdly long time to clear a tutorial level. That was my opening...

Wizard101 opens the world of Karamelle and a new story arc in its latest update

I'm going to be honest, the new world that's been added to Wizard101 sounds absolutely delightful. The newest update has introduced the region...

SMITE brings the trickster tanuki Danzaburou to its playable roster in December

Almost anything can be improved with a raccoon dog, never mind one that has a penchant for trickery. Say hello to Danzaburou, a...

Minescape is a custom-built recreation of RuneScape in Minecraft

What happens when you combine Minecraft with RuneScape? You get a boxy version of the classic MMORPG, or more specifically, you get...
All things go, all things go.

World of Warcraft offers up a trailer for the upcoming Shadowlands launch

Ready for a cinematic tease for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? You really should be because the expansion is launching in just around a week,...

MapleStory Fest shows off a new class for MapleStory M, new 5th Job skills and new areas for MapleStory

The digital version of MapleStory Fest has come and gone, and with it a number of reveals for both MapleStory and

V4 introduces the Archer class and a limited-time boost event in its November 18 update

Sure, the mobile/PC MMORPG V4 has classes like a Gunslinger and a Boomblade, but perhaps you're the sort who prefers some more traditional...
The climb.

Final Fantasy XIV announces its next live letter for November 27

The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV is not so far away. That's an important takeaway from the announcement that the game's next...

ArcheAge’s Rise of Nehliya patch is live, adding new zone, quests, and farmhands

As promised, Gamigo has formally posted the Rise of Nehliya patch to both ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained as of today. Do note this...

Fallout 76 previews the key NPCs of the Steel Dawn update, launching December 1

We're still several weeks away from the Steel Dawn release in Fallout 76; Bethsoft's just announced that it's launching December 1st. And we're...

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion sends players to Europa today

No more delays: Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion is finally upon us today. As promised, the update sends players to Europa, certainly the...

ARK Survival Evolved’s Genesis Part 2 stars new monsters, biomes, and David Tennant of Doctor Who fame

The hype train for ARK: Survival Evolved's Genesis Part 2 expansion is beginning to spool up its engine. At the start of a...

Mobile MMO Warhammer Odyssey shows us a very familiar game world

Those Warhammer Online veterans who are missing their dearly departed MMORPG (the ones not playing on the Return of Reckoning rogue server,...

Guild Wars 2 teases November 17 ‘Truce’ living world content chapter with brand-new trailer

As promised, Guild Wars 2 has dropped the new trailer for its next chapter, The Icebrood Saga: Champions, Chapter 1: Truce. Is it...
I blew things up!

Apex Legends has already planned as many as 12 seasons, aspires to be ‘more than just a battle royale game’

An interview with game director Chad Grenier has unveiled some interesting designs for the future of Apex Legends, not the least of...

Vampire the Masquerade sinks its teeth into the battle royale genre

Ask yourself: What is really missing from the battle royale genre at this point? If your non-sarcastic answer is "a hard-R splatterfest with horror's...

The MOP Up: Anarchy Online’s remixed raid

It's always a notable event when a stagnating MMORPG suddenly receives an infusion of new content. Such was the case for Anarchy Online this...

Guild Wars 2 postpones November Steam launch indefinitely to focus on End of Dragons expansion and living world

Just three months ago, ArenaNet told Guild Wars 2 players the game was bound for Steam with full crossplay in November. You...
Very nice-ah

Naïca releases a gorgeous pixel art trailer ahead of its equally pixelated open beta

The open beta for Naïca starts on November 10th. We've covered that before, of course, along with all of the things that...

WoW slots Classic’s Naxxramas for December 1, previews Shadowlands’ Bastion in new video

If you're looking for big news about World of Warcraft Classic... well you're not likely to get it for a while, in spite...