The MOP Up: Grim Dawn spices up the endgame with a new mode

OARPG Grim Dawn's third expansion is on the way with a brand-new game mode that should inject some extended life for its playerbase: "Ascendant Mode...

TennoCon 2024: Music, motorbikes, and romance make Warframe 1999

It's the 1990s! We've heard of snips and snails and puppy dog tails, and sugar and spice and everything nice. But what is Warframe...

Ultima Online previews New Legacy’s themepark stylings in its new gameplay video

I need to warn you before you click on this trailer: If you played original Ultima Online back in the day, the opening notes...

Path of Exile’s Settlers of Kalguur tackles real-time mechanics with city building

The Grinding Gear rooster has crowed, signifying the dawn of a new expansion and league. And what might they be? Welcome to Path of...

Enlisted makes its return to Steam, and this time it’s completely free-to-play

Gaijin Entertainment's multiplayer WWII FPS Enlisted was meant to make a big early access launch on Steam, but instead the shooter stumbled out of...

Aion Classic EU releases 2.8 Conquest update with new raid, instance, and level cap of 58

Gameforge and NCsoft have been talking up Aion Classic EU's Conquest update, and as of today, that 2.8 update has arrived, with a new...

NetEase team shooter Marvel Rivals dates next cross-platform closed beta test for July 23

Team vs. team hero shooter Marvel Rivals continues to rumble forth through its testing phases. Readers will recall that NetEase announced that the game...
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Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS collaboration event starts today

I was willing to ignore the fact that Overwatch 2, a sequel that does not even contain the things that justified its initial existence,...

Path of Exile’s Settlers of Kalguur releases July 26 as QoL previews begin ahead of July 18 livestream

Path of Exile fans now have two dates to possibly write on their calendars: July 18th and July 26th. That's when there will be...
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Wisdom of Nym: Spoiler-free impressions of Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail’s leveling dungeons

The funny thing about Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail's story is that in some ways spoiling it feels pretty minor. Like, it's not unconscionable to...

Cutesy multiplayer life sim Galactic Getaway heralds a successful alpha, promises 2024 release

Last year we first reported on Galactic Getaway, a cute Animal Crossing-style sci-fi life sim RPG that lets up to 60 players customize a...

Mabinogi confirms July 11 and August 8 launch dates for its two-part Winds of Fate update

The Winds of Fate are blowing across Mabinogi. Or at least they're scheduled to blow, specifically on Thursday, July 11th, and Thursday, August 8th,...

Genshin Impact’s July 17 Summertide Tales and Scales adds new character and limited-time zone

Most of the time when a game adds a new area, it's a permanent fixture, but that's not going to be the case for...

Midnight Murder Club is a multiplayer FPS game of deadly hide-and-seek inside a pitch-black mansion

What happens when six people are given firearms, then told to enter a completely dark mansion filled with traps to kill one another? You...

MultiVersus provides a gameplay showcase of new character Agent Smith, arriving July 8

Who's ready for a villainous machine entity to arrive in their cartoony platform fighting game? Then mark your calendar for Monday, July 8th, because...

Last Epoch brings new bosses, a new faction, and dodge rolling in July 9 Harbingers of Ruin update

The time is soon to come when Last Epoch will take its first step forward along its content roadmap plans, as the multiplayer OARPG...
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Persist Online gets a new trailer about surviving zombies in an MMORPG full of zombies to survive

If you have forgotten that Persist Online, the new zombie survival MMORPG on the way from developer CipSoft, is a thing that exists... well,...
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Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is now open for early access

Yes, it's time for everyone who plays Final Fantasy XIV to indulge in tacos, alpacas, and pina coladas as they head off to Tural...

Tower of Fantasy showcases its next new simulacrum arriving July 2

As with most news stories about Tower of Fantasy, we're going to be referencing a lot of names of people and organizations that will...

Pokemon Company’s threat of potential legal action against Palworld appears to have fizzled out

During the height of Palworld's popularity, gamers threw a lot of accusations in the direction of developer Pocket Pair, claiming plagiarism of Pokemon's designs...