Gamigo announces new Trove class and biome in Sunrise update launching June 28

Just this week on the podcast, we expressed some concern over the state of Gamigo and its MMOs, concern that has been mounting as...

Team-based building block FPS Block N Load announces a sequel, opens closed beta sign-ups

We haven't seen the team-based FPS Block N Load cross our news desk too often, but this shooter is most certainly still a thing,...

Seaborne survival title Raft adds new destinations, items, and story in its exit from early access

The multiplayer post-apoc sea sailing survival title Raft has been floating along for a while now. Entering early access back in May 2018, developer...
Bash and shoot and smash.

Outriders is free-to-play on Steam until June 23

Do you remember Outriders? No, maybe not, very few people remember - wait, we already made that joke. And it's not even totally accurate,...

Monster mashing MMO Chimeraland plans a summer launch, opens pre-registration to NA and EU players

Are you eager to create acts of sacrilege against the natural order because you want two monsters to smoosh together and create a whole...

Rotwood is a multiplayer side-scrolling dungeon crawler from the makers of Don’t Starve

Klei Entertainment, the studio behind the popular survival title Don't Starve as well as other excellent games like Oxygen Not Included and Mark of...

EverQuest makes the Torment of Velious expansion available for all free-to-play players

EverQuest is making like you're an audience member at a live taping of the Oprah show today. You get a copy of Torment of...

Aliens: Fireteam reveals its upcoming Pathogen paid DLC

So, you're a fan of Aliens: Fireteam? You like shooting xenomorphs with other people for loot and glory? How would you feel about shooting...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings back beasts and locales from the series history including a shuttered MMO

Before we break in to the latest Monster Hunter Rise news, there's a little bit of the series' historical context to bear in mind....

ARK 2 heralds a 2023 release window in new trailer and opens up a Steam page

While ARK: Survival Evolved is most certainly still a thing - the survivalbox released a new map earlier this week - there's still the...

Co-op vampire-slaying FPS Redfall debuts a new pre-beta gameplay trailer

It's been a little while since Redfall pinged on our radar. The last bit of news we heard out of this co-op FPS game...

Minecraft Legends takes the franchise in a more strategic direction, with co-op and competitive multiplayer

If we had a functional time machine to the past, the first trip would be about eliminating Hitler, while the second would be a...

Nightingale offers another gameplay trailer with additional realm card mechanics commentary

It's not quite a rerun, but it's certainly close. The multiplayer steampunky survivalbox Nightingale has put out yet another gameplay trailer just off of...

Fallout 76 previews The Pitt’s storyline coming this fall

Excitement is welling for Fallout 76's fall update, when players will embark on a journey back to a franchise favorite location. Bethesda is working...

VR MMO Zenith preps Celestial Throne update for next week

Instanced dungeons are finally coming to Zenith, a virtual reality MMORPG that released earlier this year. The team announced that the Celestial Throne update...

Nightingale previews its realm card system and more at Summer Game Fest

At this afternoon's Summer Game Fest, Inflexion Games dropped a fresh trailer and mechanics preview for Nightingale, the steampunkish survival not-quite-an-MMO. It's accompanied by...

Summer Game Fest 2022: Warframe’s Duviri Paradox, Nightingale teaser, and more

Geoff Keighley's not-E3 aka Summer Game Fest kicks off today with the live showcase stream, so I hope you've set aside a couple of...

Albion Online heads Into the Fray with today’s update – check out the new trailer!

After weeks of previews, the day is finally here: PvP sandbox MMO Albion Online has released its Into the Fray patch. Headlining the update...

Co-op multiplayer hack-em-up WH40K Darktide launches September 13, can be pre-ordered now

If you're a fan of Fatshark Games' four-player ratman killfest Warhammer: Vermintide II, then you've probably been on the edge of your seat for...

Albion Online teases next week’s Into the Fray update with a new trailer

Albion Online is gearing up for a major patch next week: Into the Fray launches June 8th, bringing with it new portal towns, zone...