blade and soul

Official Site: Blade & Soul
Studio: NCsoft
Launch Date: Western ETA Q1 2016
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-play
Platform: PC

Four Winds: Final thoughts on Elyon’s first closed beta test

Elyon's closed beta test came and went, and boy am I happy with what I played. It was unfortunate that the test fell on...

Blade & Soul’s Winds of Rage is live with new heroic dungeon and events

As promised, Blade & Soul's Winds of Rage update is live this week. The 12.1 patch includes the titular 6-perspon heroic dungeon Thornwind Cavern...

Blade & Soul previews Winds of Rage’s new talisman tier and daily rewards

What's an MMO without some sort of frequent bribery system to entice you to enjoy its content? A very rare one, that's what. Blade...

Blade and Soul’s next major update, Winds of Rage, launches May 12

There's an angry wind blowing in Blade & Soul with its next major update, Winds of Rage. What does the angry wind bring with it?...

Blade & Soul gives more details about its Revival PvP ranking system

As you might have been tracking, Blade and Soul has a massive update called Revival that's coming to the game in the third quarter...

The MOP Up: Why did Fortnite go dark for a day?

Earlier this month, the ever-popular Fortnite went dark for the better part of April 6th. So what happened? We finally have the full scoop...

One Shots: Playing chicken

If your MMORPG ever expects you to take it super-seriously, then you need to follow Minimalistway's example and rebel by wearing a ridiculous costume...

Blade and Soul releases the patch notes for today’s Mischief Makers update

I didn't know I needed a class spec that involves a cat in a flying saucer shooting goofy weapons at enemies, but luckily the...
Well, that's appealing, except not.

Blade and Soul prepares to send players to the Candycloud Carnival

The Candycloud Carnival is not like most other carnivals, so Blade & Soul players will need to prepare for that when it arrives in-game...

Blade and Soul launches its third Summoner specialization with its next patch on April 14

Sometimes, you want a new specialization for a class in Blade & Soul that's grounded in something like a deep reflection on martial arts and...

Blade and Soul continues revving up its huge engine upgrade

You'll want to mark your calendar for the third quarter this year -- yeah, just block off the whole quarter -- because that's the...

Daybreak’s owner Enad Global 7 acquires MMORPG publisher Innova for $109M

Enad Global 7 is once again in the news for us here at MOP with yet another buyout, this time regarding its February 25th...

Blade and Soul’s Slithering Shadows update is live

Yesterday was patch day for Blade and Soul, introducing the Slithering Shadows update to the game along with a set of patch notes to...
Next up, turtles!

Blade and Soul’s March patch gives players more gear tiers to chase

How's your gear in Blade and Soul looking these days? Perhaps it needs a bit of freshening up, a bit of an upgrade. Well...

One Shots: Impossible sky architecture

Lethia seems to be waging a very successful campaign to convince us all that Allods Online has it going on in the eye candy...

Blade and Soul Revolution introduces a large-scale Faction War PvP battleground in latest update

It's only been a week since Blade and Soul Revolution debuted on mobile devices, but that isn't stopping the game's devs from kicking out...

Blade and Soul adds a new dungeon, new raid weapon, and renewed Soulstone Plains on March 17

While a lot of focus has understandably been about Blade and Soul's upgrade to Unreal Engine 4, that doesn't mean there won't be updates...

Blade and Soul 2 showcases a cooperative horde mode in latest game footage trailer

We already know that Blade and Soul 2 players are going to have to fight things, but not all threats roam the game's world;...

Blade & Soul opens a ‘Revival’ landing page touting visual upgrades, engine changes, and dungeon updates

Blade & Soul is very excited about its upcoming Unreal Engine upgrade to the point that a newly opened landing page is calling it...

Blade & Soul Revolution’s global edition hits mobile today

The Blade & Soul news just keeps on coming today, as Netmarble has officially released the global version of Blade & Soul Revolution to...