blade and soul

Official Site: Blade & Soul
Studio: NCsoft
Launch Date: Western ETA Q1 2016
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-play
Platform: PC

Blade and Soul promises more story content in November with the release of Act XI Part 2

For those who have been playing Blade and Soul regularly enough that they're hoping for more story content, your time is coming soon. The...
Glade and bhoul.

Blade & Soul brings its Blade & Ghoul events around for another season of Halloween fun

It's the spookiest time conceivable for Blade & Soul once again as the annual Blade & Ghoul events roll onto the live servers once more....

One Shots: Looking down on the world

Do you ever get that feeling like someone else is looking down on you, but then you're like, nah, that's all in my head?...

Blade and Soul prepares for the Halloween season with the return of Blade and Ghoul on October 6

The spooky season is fast approaching Blade and Soul as the game prepares for its annual Blade and Ghoul Halloween event. This year, players...

One Shots: Personal space

Part of being a starship captain in Star Trek Online is making shrewd decisions that outwit enemies. Part is being a momma or papa...

The Stream Team: Firing up the Unreal Engine 4 update and swinging two swords around in Blade and Soul

Last week saw Blade & Soul unleash its new-and-improved Unreal Engine 4 version and its new Dual Blade class on the world, and MOP's...

One Shots: En garde!

It's not always the type of sword but how you hold it, the masters say. And if you've got the spirit of a duelist...

Blade & Soul’s UE4 graphics update and Dual Blade class have officially arrived

As promised, Blade and Soul's massive UE4 graphics upgrade went live late last night - probably while the bulk of you were sleeping. "he...

Blade & Soul’s Unreal Engine 4 update goes live today — here are the patch notes

We've been covering this update's arrival for a long while, and now it's finally arriving. It's Blade & Soul's big Unreal Engine 4 upgrade...

Blade & Soul offers a preview of the Dual Blade class arriving on September 8

Blade & Soul continues to run down the feature list of its upcoming September 8th update, this time offering a closer look at the...

Blade and Soul plunges into a new forest dungeon on September 8

With several MMOs pumping out patches on September 8th, Blade and Soul is going to have to work extra hard to get your attention....

Blade & Soul opens up pre-download of its Unreal Engine 4 update on the game’s launcher

Let's assume that you're a Blade & Soul fan who was sitting on your hands, not double-clicking the NC Launcher icon on your desktop...

One Shots: Fantasy updrafting

The way I see it, MMORPGs encourage us past our timidity and fear to be bold. So fight that dragon! Get a selfie with...

Blade and Soul 2 offers a quick look at sword versus axe one-on-one PvP gameplay

There have been plenty of videos coming out of Blade and Soul 2, but a vast majority of them have been pre-rendered CG animations,...
At long last, shooty men!

The MOP Up: Warface’s Hidden War is revealed

This week, Warface kicked off its Hidden War season: "The season update adds a new PvP-map called Ruins for capture mode where players can...

One Shots: Flying into bugs at 90 mph

Flight may look cool on the superhero travel powers selection screen, but what they don't tell you in the shop is that it comes...
Tape. Lots of tape.

Blade & Soul is getting its Unreal Engine 4 upgrade on September 8

It's time for Blade & Soul to look better with the game's upcoming engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 4. That feels like it's been...

Blade and Soul’s Hongmoon Resurgence event goes live today

While it's not the incredibly anticipated Unreal Engine 4 update that Blade and Soul has been hyping, today's Hongmoon Resurgence update is giving fantasy...

One Shots: Eye love you

While giant floating eyeballs always seem imposing, I can't help but feel bad about their life situation. Eyes are vulnerable enough when they're tucked...

Blade and Soul to unleash Hongmoon Resurgence events next week

Have more time on your hand this summer than previously anticipated? Blade and Soul wants to fill up some of those long days with...