blade and soul

Official Site: Blade & Soul
Studio: NCsoft
Launch Date: Western ETA Q1 2016
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid Free-to-play
Platform: PC

Blade and Soul’s New Empires update gets patch notes as it releases today

Like clockwork, Blade & Soul released its patch notes yesterday ahead of today's New Empires update, just in case players are looking for some...
Slicy slicy.

Blade & Soul walks through the new weapons and item systems of its New Empires update

Who wants a new weapon in Blade & Soul? Come on, it's natural. It's not called "Absolutely Nothing And Soul," after all. You want...

Blade & Soul’s May 11 update crowns an empress, opens a new dungeon, and brings back Horde and Gourd

Next week sees a new chapter arrive to the Earthen Realm of Blade & Soul. The New Empires update launches on Wednesday, May 11th,...

Blade & Soul refreshes the Celestial Basin zone and adds new events in Celestial Path update

It's time for the warriors of Blade & Soul to head to the Celestial Basin once more for rewards. That might sound kind of...

One Shots: Surfing the world tree

When the day arrives when a magic bee flies into your mouth and turns you immortal and sends you down into the world tree...

Blade & Soul releases its Celestial Path update on April 13

April showers bring May flowers, but April updates in Blade & Soul bring a renewed Celestial Basin and a return to the Soul Arena. Well,...

Blade & Soul plans smoother mid-tier progression, continued updates based on feedback, and third Warden spec

While Blade & Soul isn't getting an itemized roadmap, what it is getting is an address from the game's producer team that offers up...

One Shots: Looking down at the clouds

When Middle-earth slaps something called "Misty Mountains" on a map, friend, it better live up to that name! Michael18 proves with today's headlining shot...

Blade & Soul’s Unchained Chaos is live with new dungeon and Gunslinger’s third spec

Blade & Soul players have a lot to take in this week as Unchained Chaos is now live for the NCsoft MMORPG. The crown...

Blade and Soul will sell class changes for a modest $100 apiece

Sick of your class in Blade and Soul, but you don't want to reroll? Starting tomorrow, you will have another option: to pay for...

Here’s what to expect from this week’s Blade & Soul Unchained Chaos update

While Blade and Soul won't be seeing its next content update until Wednesday, March 16th, that doesn't mean that players can't get a headstart...

Blade and Soul’s next update adds new Gunslinger spec, Demonsbane dungeon, and class swapping March 16

Next week will bring some Unchained Chaos to Blade and Soul, which is the name of the update arriving on Wednesday, March 16th, not...

One Shots: So far from the jungle right now

Jared the Tiger grew up in the lush jungles of Tyria -- up to the day that he stepped into that trapped and found...
This is not that story.

NCsoft Q4 2021 financials: Guild Wars 2 did great, but Lineage W drove revenues

If you wondered why NCsoft would drop a bunch of teasers for its pipeline and NFT babble yesterday, it's largely because it was also...

NCSoft unveils new MMOs, a new battle royale, and new Blade and Soul game, plans Project TL release this year

NCSoft has apparently been extremely busy. A new announcement as well as a new teaser video from the publisher/developer showcases five new games that...

One Shots: Please, please stand in the fire

While any seasoned MMORPG player may look at our first screenshot, courtesy of Utakata in Blade and Soul, and start developing sympathetic twitches, don't...

Blade and Soul opens the Sanctum of the Masters solo dungeon and starts several events in latest update

Blade and Soul is an MMORPG, but there are some time when players might want to test their mettle by themselves, without the benefit...

Blade and Soul will be the Valentine’s date you can’t get this year

Hey, can we talk real right now? It's not your fault that you peaked with Valentine's Day in the sixth grade when you got...

One Shots: Dancers of the Lost Ark

Every new MMORPG is a tomb waiting to be raided, a dungeon ready for delvings, and a vault ready to be cracked. Adventurers far...

Blade and Soul adds the new Soul Fighter spec and celebrates six years in the Soul Resurgence update

Blade and Soul is six years old and it's celebrating by letting Soul Fighters slap enemies at mid-range with glowing hands of divinity. This...