NCsoft’s Blade & Soul unveils ‘Neo Classic’ servers with enhanced visuals and gameplay


Blade & Soul is getting into the “new throwback” mood, like bringing back Crystal Pepsi only with a hopefully better reception. NCsoft has pulled the wraps off of the Neo Classic server, which promises to bring back the game’s original glory while making some tweaks to its visuals and gameplay.

The reveal is so far a bit sparse in terms of information, with a teaser trailer that shows off upgraded visuals running in Unreal Engine 4 (versus the original release’s Unreal Engine 3), along with a blurb on the server’s landing site that promises “new battles and content [that will] introduce unique ways to transcend through the game” and the ability to combine farmed items to suit players’ needs.

More details about Neo Classic are expected to come soon, but for now there’s the aforementioned trailer waiting below.

source: official site via Reddit
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