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Blade & Soul details the celebratory events arriving with its January 11 update

Blade & Soul is in a very celebratory mood with its upcoming January 11th patch, marking the game's seventh anniversary and the start of...

Blade & Soul adds a new Demonsbane dungeon, an auto-hunt area, and a holiday Treasure Trove this week

This Wednesday, December 7th, is bringing a new update to Blade & Soul, and despite some of the holiday cheer that it's partially bringing,...

Blade & Soul details its Windwalk Race event and crushes some of its bugs in a hotfix

Blade & Soul has had no end of trouble getting its Great Windwalk Race event out of the door. Readers will recall that the...

Blade & Soul’s previously delayed windwalking race event gets a new release date of November 9

Last month's Symphony of Destruction patch for Blade & Soul was meant to include a windwalking race event, but unfortunately it was cancelled because...

Blade & Soul takes a closer look at the Musician class arriving later this week

Regular fans of Blade & Soul already know that this Wednesday, October 12th, is bringing the Symphony of Destruction update, with a bunch of...

Blade & Soul’s first-ever mounts are lockbox drops

Mounts are arriving to Blade & Soul once the Symphony of Destruction update goes live. That would probably be enough information for most, but...
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Blade & Soul delays release of a Symphony of Destruction event thanks to unexplained technical issues

One of the features due to arrive with Blade & Soul's upcoming Symphony of Destruction patch was a windwalking race event, which would presumably...

Blade & Soul details new items and a returning summer event arriving with the Divine Break update

Blade & Soul's upcoming Divine Break update isn't just about giving Force Masters a new spec. It's also about celebrating the summer season and...

Blade & Soul provides a quick look at the upcoming Zen Archer class

Wednesday, September 18th, will see a Storm of Arrows rain down on Blade & Soul, and that storm is primarily caused by the new...

Blade & Soul explores the Blade Master and Kung Fu Master’s upcoming third specs

When Blade & Soul's Empyrean Shadows update arrives on June 19th, Blade Masters and Kung Fu Masters will become even more, er, masterful with...

Blade & Soul reveals its next major update, Empyrean Shadows

It was only a few weeks ago that Blade & Soul's Scarlet Tears update went live, but the folks at NCSoft have already announced...

Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update is now live

The latest update to NCSoft's free-to-play martial-arts MMORPG Blade & Soul has just gone live, bringing with it a fistful of new content for...

Blade & Soul is bringing back the Dragon’s Bounty event for the release of the Scarlet Tears update

Blade & Soul has already talked plenty about the new Scarlet Conservatory raid coming with the release of its upcoming Scarlet Tears update, but...

Enter the Scarlet Conservatory in Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update, coming May 15

Blade & Soul has announced that its next major update, Scarlet Tears, will be going live on May 15th, bringing with it a new...
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Blade & Soul’s major Legacy of the Hongmoon update is live today

The latest major update for NCSoft's fantastical martial-arts MMO Blade & Soul, Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan, went live today, increasing the level cap...

Blade & Soul’s Theater of Mystery update takes the stage today

Today, NCSoft is pulling back the curtain on Blade & Soul's latest update, Theater of Mystery, which introduces an increased level cap, a new...
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Blade & Soul’s Theater of Mystery update takes center stage on December 5th

It's almost showtime for Blade & Soul's next update, Theater of Mystery, which will bring a new heroic dungeon and a new solo dungeon...

Blade & Soul reveals plans for upcoming December content update

Although Blade & Soul is still in the midst of its Blade & Ghoul Halloween event, the latest producer's letter from Producer Jonathan Lien...

Blade & Soul: Revolution on mobile gets official Korean release date

At a recent media conference, Netmarble announced that Blade & Soul: Revolution, the upcoming mobile adaptation of NCSoft's free-to-play martial arts MMO, will officially...

Blade & Soul gives players a look at the upcoming Warden class and Shadowmoor heroic dungeon

Blade & Soul players, have you ever looked at a sword and thought, "That's great and all, but it just looks far too sensible...