Blade & Soul takes a closer look at the Musician class arriving later this week


Regular fans of Blade & Soul already know that this Wednesday, October 12th, is bringing the Symphony of Destruction update, with a bunch of new things to look forward to (except for windwalking races; those are being held back by delays). Arguably, one of the more interesting portions of the update is the new Musician class, which finally got its official deep-dive.

As one likely guessed, the Musician aggressively strums a harp in combat, using notes as projectiles, melodies as shields, and harmonies as buffs. The class features two different specs: Way of the Divine, which is the DPS tree that promises “complex rotations”; and Way of Harmony, the party support spec that primarily has the Musician engaging an attack-boosting Anthem, which can be further tweaked to provide different buffs through using unique skills before playing an Anthem.

Finally, the post confirms that the Musician will be able to play its own music: Players can hit the Tab key after engaging the Sonic Shield skill in order to enter a music-playing stance that opens access to 24 musical notes in total. A preview video of the Musician in action awaits below the cut.

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