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Blade & Soul launches a frozen event dungeon to keep you cool for the summer

If you want to stay cool in Blade and Soul for the summer, you’re going to have to get cool. The summer event that’s kicking off on August 15th is going to definitely keep you nice and cool, you see, but that’s because you’re going to be venturing into the Frozen Firing Range. Yes, that should definitely keep you cool, and it’ll also net you a Frozen Fun Bag each time you complete the event’s daily quest.

Contained within that frozen fun bag? Various rewards, including Ice Pellets which you may use as currency. You can unlock swimsuit outfits, special Iciles to absorb all of an attack’s damage, and other goodies. So check out the event starting in the near future, and get ready to stay extremely cool based on the frozen nature of the dungeon. Of course, you may not want to go into the frozen dungeon in a swimsuit, but that’s a different problem.


Blade & Soul offers the notes for the Celestial Dawn patch on June 20

It’s almost the dawning of the age of… celestiality? You know, there’s probably a reason why Blade & Soul didn’t make that joke for its Celestial Dawn patch, which arrives on June 20th. Seriously, you can check out the patch notes on the official site, or you can look at a preview and a trailer for the patch just below. They’re all there, and they should provide you all of the background you need on the patch.

If you’d rather just read it right now, though, you can look forward to a new Heroic solo dungeon, the final part of the 12-player Nightfall Sanctuary raid, and a new Grand Celestial evolution for your favorite weapon. That’s in addition to the usual quality of life bumps that come with every patch including new items to purchase from Lee Youjin and a new buff for normal dungeons. Dedicated players will want to read through the patch notes just the same. There’s lots of information.

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Blade & Soul shows off enhancing your gear with its new Augment system

Legendary accessories in Blade & Soul are the sort of things that you know you can wear for a very long time without replacing. That’s good, but it also means that you’ve hit a dead end in terms of chasing new stats. So the new Augment system will help change that by giving you more stats to chase! Sure, your ring already has great stats, but it could be enhancing your damage against bosses. Doesn’t that sound even better?

Each of the given accessory slots has three different sorts of Augment that can be applied; one adds boss damage and critical chance, one adds critical chance and critical damage, and the last adds HP and PvP defense. Each sort has a maximum amount that it can add to an accessory, but each augment application is randomized; you could wind up with the best values right away or roll them multiple times without much luck. Check out the full rundown for numbers before you get ready to make your best accessories even better after all.


Blade & Soul is tweaking dungeon rewards to prefer newer dungeons

Stop just doing the old, familiar dungeons of Blade & Soul. Do the new ones instead. Even if you’d rather not for whatever reason, you won’t be given much of a choice in the matter soon; the newest patch for the game is tweaking the rewards to emphasize newer dungeons and scale down rewards for the old standbys. Newer dungeons, by contrast, will get more streamlined rewards to make them more enjoyable as well, and you’ll be getting more stuff from daily and weekly challenges regardless.

The patch is also bringing with it a number of changes to materials used for upgrading to streamline that process; the time and effort should be fairly constant, but the exact materials are getting shuffled somewhat. That’s in addition to specific item changes, all of which mean that you might want to rearrange your bags and farming habits when the update lands on May 9th.


Blade & Soul’s Fire and Blood patch brings a new raid and skill rebalancing

Ready to kick off some new raiding adventures in Blade & Soul? The newest patch, Fire and Blood, adds the 12-person raid Koldrak’s Lair for players to challenge in a team, and it’s live as of noon today! There’s also a new solo area in the Emperor’s Tomb, tasking players with a variety of quests to build up defenses and have an impact in the world around you. So if you were waiting for just that sort of challenge… well, here you go.

Of course, you might want to take the time to re-acquaint yourself with all of your skills before you take on these new challenges. Extensive rebalancing has taken place for a variety of class skills, with the full patch notes detailing each individual change. Add the option of playing a Lyn gunslinger (with new customization options for Lyn characters to boot), and you’ve got plenty of new stuff to familiarize yourself with before you rush off to the biggest challenges out there.

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Blade & Soul previews its anniversary update and tailor shop in new videos

Video previews of patches are like a chance to try before you buy. Except that you aren’t really trying so much as you’re watching someone try it. Also, since this is Blade & Soul, you wouldn’t be buying it regardless; the title has a free-to-play business model. But you can still enjoy a pair of videos showing off both content and new features coming with the second anniversary patch, including the tailor shop’s outfit customization.

For some things, this is more useful than others. If you’ve seen the fight against Poharan before, this is not only not elucidating but specifically unhelpful, as the preview is more concerned about what the event adds after you beat her (a new merchant!) than how to beat her. On the other hand, seeing the pattern selection options in the tailor shop are going to help anyone curious about how the feature will expand player costume options. Check out the both videos below, although fair warning: Don’t start watching if your boss is walking over.

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Blade & Soul improves items with its anniversary update

The anniversary update for Blade & Soul brings with it, well, an anniversary event. But it also brings a number of other system changes to the game to reduce the number of different bits you have to carry around in your inventory, improve drop rates, and generally make the game more rewarding to play. For example, players will now have nine different quests to choose between for daily challenges, but successful completion will still only require three quests. So you can pick and choose between the three daily challenges you want to complete.

The game is also streamlining Draken Legendary tokens to straightforward Draken Cores, introducing an alternate cost for Legendary Jewels and Legendary Elements, and reducing crafting costs across multiple guilds. The 3v3 matchmaking bracket for Tag Matches is also being changed to better reflect player skill. All in all, the stuff that you’re already doing in the game will become more straightforward, more rewarding, and more fun all around. Not a bad start to the year and another year of operation.


Blade & Soul celebrates its second anniversary with a new costume

Congratulations are in order for Blade & Soul as it celebrates its second year of operation, and as is most often the case with these celebrations, most of the presents are going to players. Yes, the game is bringing out an anniversary event, starting with a free package heading out to all players on January 17th. Players can also earn more limited-time rewards like the new Purity Costume via daily dungeon quests and challenges, so you’ll have more to earn after the initial set of gifts.

More improvements are coming to the game alongside the anniversary celebration as well, though; players can take on an updated version of the classic Blackram Supply Chain, use the new costume customization feature, or just take advantage of a simplified and improved premium membership system. It’s still a wee bit away, but come January 17th you’ll be able to look back on two years in the game while looking ahead to more.


Check out footage of Blade & Soul’s Maestro in action

If you were hoping for some reason that the Maestro in Blade & Soul would be all about conducting a stirring symphony, that’s definitely not the case. In fact, judging from the new bits of footage from Steparu, the only instrumental section the Maestro is familiar with is percussion. Because of gunshots, see. The Maestro shoots guns. That’s the joke.

Let’s move on.

There’s a new CG trailer for the class available below as well as a look at the class in action in the game’s training room on the Korean servers. It’s enough to give you a good idea of what it’s going to look like when you’re gunning things down in the actual game, so if you’re curious about that or just want to watch a whole lot of things get shot, jump on down and check it out.

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Blade & Soul’s Midnight Skypetal Plains arrives November 16

There have been no shortage of big updates for Blade & Soul, and the newest update is delivering a big update for big groups. The Midnight Skypetal Plains are arriving on November 16th and serve as the game’s first dose of 24-person content, asking for a large group to gather together and take on an array of strange creatures invading the bridge between the spirit realm and the earth realm. This includes the rather nasty and long-thought-extinct dragon turtle Sacred Longgui, who will no doubt provide something of an obstacle for your investigation.

The good news is that you don’t need to just live with the satisfaction of a job well done when you clear the area out; players can unlock new Legendary Soul Shields by taking on the region’s bosses, as well as a new costume. No word on whether or not anything else is coming along with the update, but it’s quite possible that big content is enough on its own. If you’ve long been awaiting the chance to really get a huge group going, your time is almost here.

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Blade & Soul introduces Ebondrake Citadel and the Tower of Memory

It’s the most wonderful day of the week for fans of Blade & Soul because it’s patch day. Not only does this patch include the new Ebondrake Citadel, it also includes the special event dungeon, the Tower of Memory. Players above level 16 can ascend the tower in a unique combat challenge, running until October 26th.

Need a little more incentive to take part in the update? How about accessory upgrade cost reduction and gem transmutation changes to make alts and other characters that much easier to play? How about a spectator mode for PvP matches so you can see exactly what’s going down when you aren’t taking part? How about your own mobile death fortress? All right, you won’t get the last one, but the other parts are in there, and you can read through the full patch notes right now before jumping in later. Or now, depending on your schedule.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Qarran for the tip!


Master X Master highlights Poharan and Kromede

There’s more to Master X Master than just bringing in characters from several NCsoft games under the same roof, but that is still part of the game’s purpose. The two latest heroes to be revealed are both expatriates from other games. Poharan is the vice admiral of the Black Ram in Blade & Soul, while Kromede is a boss players face off against in Aion. And now they’re both ranged fighters in MxM‘s various modes.

Poharan serves as a long-range attacker, with several skills to slow enemies or otherwise keep her distance; her attacks lose their potency against close-range opponents. Kromede, meanwhile, is focused more on the mid-range with high damage. Her bow attacks will inflict bleeding on enemies that are slowed, stunned, or otherwise snared, while other abilities in her arsenal deal more damage to bleeding targets. Check out both of the characters in action just below.

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Blade & Soul’s Soul Fighter update is live today

The Soul Fighter does not actually fight souls in Blade & Soul. No more than any other class, anyhow. It mostly fights with soul, and that’s “soul” in the “glowing spiritual energy” sense rather than “deeply moving ballad” sense. You could check out an overview down below, or you could just jump in and start making with the fighting in the game, because the patch is live today.

If you’re already perfectly happy with your current class, the patch also kicks off the third PvP season along with the Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge, along with various quality-of-life improvements. Mostly it’s about being a Soul Fighter. And really, who doesn’t want to fight with one’s soul at multiple different ranges? Blade Fighters, presumably, and they’re not actually a class.

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