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The Stream Team: Happy 5th birthday Blade & Soul

Turning five and feeling alive! That's Blade & Soul's motto today as the MMORPG celebrates its fifth birthday in the West. And Massively OP's...
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Blade & Soul kicks off its anniversary event with today’s patch

It's time to celebrate five years of Blade & Soul today with the latest patch, and you know what that means: events. The events kicking off...
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Blade & Soul prepares to celebrate five years of operation

It's been five years since Blade & Soul's local release, and the team is going all-out in celebration complete with a big new desktop...
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Blade & Soul offers special Blade Dancer bundles and its Christmas event with tomorrow’s Grim Tidings patch

The next patch for Blade & Soul adds a third specialization for Blade Dancer, and if you're enticed by the prospect of the Grim Blade...

Blade & Soul previews the item upgrade changes for its next update

With the next Blade & Soul update arriving on Wednesday players will have access to a new legendary ring and gloves. That means you should...
Or! OR!

Blade & Soul adds the Golden Harvest Festival and a new area with its next patch

When the next patch arrives for Blade & Soul, you can take part in the Golden Harvest Festival and make yourself some good eats. Put...

Blade & Soul just kicked off its Halloween event, Blade & Ghoul, running through November 18

Just because you're some kind of martial arts master with a giant sword doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fine art of gathering candy...
Well, it's more of an indigo moon, but we may provisionally allow it.

Blade & Soul Midnight Reborn update is now live

The update for Blade & Soul is happening now, but the real fun starts at midnight. Specifically, it starts in the revamped version of...

Blade & Soul shows off a plethora of summer events starting August 19

There are swimsuits. There will always be swimsuits. Did you think that Blade & Soul, a game with lady characters who are 60% leg...

Blade & Soul details new items and a returning summer event arriving with the Divine Break update

Blade & Soul's upcoming Divine Break update isn't just about giving Force Masters a new spec. It's also about celebrating the summer season and...
Robot robot robot.

Blade & Soul launches the Steel Uprising patch today

Bad news, Blade & Soul players, you are going to once again be fighting robots. This is a challenge. Reports indicate that robots are...
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Blade & Soul launches the Forgotten Souls update today

Gosh, don't you hate when you're going from the Earth Realm to the Spirit Realm and you forget all your souls? Has that never...
Stabbers do.

Blade & Soul patches in the third specialization for the Assassin along with Lyn Assassins

Yes, you can now make a Lyn Assassin in Blade & Soul. If you have a burning need to do an in-game version of that...
Someone's dropping a hit single.

Blade & Soul’s 4th anniversary event includes the new Hunter’s Refuge

Wait, we've had Blade & Soul for four years now? That doesn't seem right, but it is in fact correct, as evidenced by several things...

Tencent will host a cloud version of Blade & Soul in China soon

It's possible that the hacking cough that was Google Stadia's launch has turned you off from the notion that cloud gaming is the future,...

Blade & Soul previews Will of Iron’s new Destroyer spec, teases Korean UE4 graphics overhaul

The update arriving for Blade & Soul on December 11th includes a third spec for the Destroyer, the Way of the Iron Will, and it's...
Farvest hestival

Blade & Soul brings back the Golden Harvest Festival on November 13

Some games promise you a chicken dinner when you emerge victorious from a challenge. Blade & Soul will miss all that weak nonsense. Players who...

Blade & Soul is splitting damage types and adding new bracelets with the Storm of Arrows update

The next update for Blade & Soul is dubbed Storm of Arrows and that sounds absolutely horrifying. You might say "it's just a little rain" if...

Blade & Soul provides a quick look at the upcoming Zen Archer class

Wednesday, September 18th, will see a Storm of Arrows rain down on Blade & Soul, and that storm is primarily caused by the new...

Blade & Soul patches in its summer event along with several quality-of-life improvements

It's time to celebrate the summer heat in Blade & Soul with the latest patch, as it brings Hongsil's Summer Blast to the game....