Blade & Soul patches in its summer event along with several quality-of-life improvements


It’s time to celebrate the summer heat in Blade & Soul with the latest patch, as it brings Hongsil’s Summer Blast to the game. But that’s hardly the only thing being patched in with today’s update, which has plenty aside from the new event dungeons and associated rewards. For example, the game no longer requires NCoin purchases to use the game’s marketplace, mail, or trade; instead, characters simply have to be level 36 or higher.

Several quest rewards have also been consolidated into chest form, which will always provide coins and healing tonics along with other potential items. Daily limits for Unity system reputation have been more than doubled. Items exchanges for a variety of high-end items have been altered, with some older items removed from the lists and offerings of merchants. Check out the full patch notes for a run down of everything that’s changing. Sure, the summer event is on center stage, but there’s plenty of other things going on just as surely.

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I haven’t had the time to log in yet, but I do believe that the QoL features are very important to bring players hovering below cap into the end game fold.

The event itself is just a rehash of last years and so not very appealing to me. But I do believe that I will now bring up a few low levels toons up and, more importantly, will keep BnS on my radar for another year.

The UE4 update would close the deal completely.