Welcome to This Old Raid.

Swords of Legends Online patches in the Sparkwood Gardens raid

It's time for the first raid of Swords of Legends Online's patch 1.1, and that means Sparkwood Gardens is welcoming all and sundry to...
The tome of your life.

Final Fantasy XIV will enter into a 24-hour maintenance on December 2nd

You've got less than a week to complete any tasks you wanted done before Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker launches. No, even less than you...
Cool story, guy!

Black Desert kicks off Black Friday events and allows for easier new player gear upgrades

It's just about time for Thanksgiving, and that means that everyone should fall into a frenzied rush of consumerism the next day for Black...
And we will call it... this land!

Early datamined cutscenes for World of Warcraft start to piece together the story of patch 9.2

All right, when you get tired of all of the fire covering World of Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment in general right now, maybe you'd...
Almost tangible. Again.

PSA: Here’s what to expect with Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker early access

If you've been through a Final Fantasy XIV expansion launch before now, you probably know what to expect ahead of the Endwalker early access...

World of Warcraft clarifies gearing and testing for 9.2, bolsters the cash shop again

Anyone looking forward to World of Warcraft patch 9.2 being playable on the game's test server in the near future should temper those expectations somewhat,...

World of Warcraft previews two new arenas coming to the game in patch 9.2

Good news for everyone who has been eagerly awaiting more news about content in World of Warcraft's upcoming patch 9.2, Eternity's End: The official site...
More like Endgunblader.

Perfect Ten: 10 things I’m looking forward to in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

So, life comes at you fast. When I originally planned this column out, this was going to be the week of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker...
Seamless. Very convincing.

World of Warcraft hints at potentially tying Azeroth back into the story of Shadowlands

So time for a storyline recap for people who are not necessarily up on their World of Warcraft lore. Azeroth is the name of the...
Sunset on original ideas.

World of Warcraft: Classic outlines the full set of changes for Season of Mastery

It's time for an entire season proving that you're the real master of WoW Classic. Wait, we misspoke; tomorrow is when this particular event server ruleset goes...
I want a Milky Way.

World of Warcraft will allow flying in Zereth Mortis as players debate anniversary event drop rates

The real question of World of Warcraft tends to be whether or not you can fly in a given zone, with players often frustrated by...
Corpse party.

The Daily Grind: What MMO patch has been the most disappointing for you?

Not everything you anticipate turns out to have been worth the anticipation. We've all had patches that were hyped up as containing all sorts...
Who knows, you might even see this girl.

Final Fantasy XIV reminds players of numerical value drops and the mid-experience value reset

The arrival of Endwalker is just under three weeks away, and that means changes for Final Fantasy XIV. For example, it means that a lot of...
Birb is the worb.

Final Fantasy XI adds in more Voracious Resurgence and the new Master Level advancement system

The newest patch to Final Fantasy XI is a big deal. No, not just because there's a new installment of the Voracious Resurgence, although that...
Oh look,

World of Warcraft will be revealing the next Shadowlands content update tomorrow

Playing World of Warcraft at the moment has involved a whole lot of staring at the sky and waiting for rain, metaphorically speaking. So it's...
Zorp? Phasers don't go zorp.

Star Trek Online patches in a new warship event as Reflections is live for console players

Who doesn't like a free warship? It is suspected that Star Trek Online console players like free warships. Presumably non-console players also like free warships,...
So many swords.

Final Fantasy XIV’s last pre-Endwalker live letter previews Crystal Conflict, new gathering mechanics, and role quests

The most immediate announcement from last night's live letter for Final Fantasy XIV was no doubt the surprise Endwalker delay, but there were other...
Another dang tower.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has been delayed until December 7

If you've been counting the days until Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion arrived, you're going to have to count a little bit longer. Producer...
Contains some monsters.

Final Fantasy XI is bringing new advancement systems and new Voracious Resurgence with November

You've mastered your job in Final Fantasy XI and have reached the end of your leveling process at long last. That's a reason to celebrate!...
Now let's fewer of you fight.

Crowfall plans more small-scale PvP options for patch 7.3000 arriving on November 8

The big marquee feature of Crowfall's next major update is all about letting fewer people fight one another. The 7.3000 update is bringing with it...