So... how's things?

World of Warcraft walks through the enhanced starting experience for Shadowlands

The upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands doesn't just create new experiences at the top end for players. The revised leveling is bringing with...

Sea of Thieves launches its next update on April 22 and it has cats

That's right, April 22nd is the date for the next monthly update for Sea of Thieves, and it has cats. You can...
Time for you to learn how to play your max-level characters yet again!

World of Warcraft previews the class changes arriving in Shadowlands

If you had hoped that perhaps now you weren't going to need to learn how to play your class all over again with the...
Slide whistle noises dot emm pee three.

Blizzard alters Warcraft III: Reforged’s matchmaking system while players are waiting on basic features

You know that old joke about how you could get the Model T Ford in any color you wanted as long as it was...
Roast somebody.

World of Warcraft previews the first pass of Covenant abilities for Shadowlands

Players were promised yesterday that the developers behind World of Warcraft would be shedding some more light on Shadowlands in the near...
Get in the metaphorical robot.

Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 5.25 with new Relic weapons

It's time for players to start in on the latest set of relic weapons for Final Fantasy XIV today, as patch 5.25
Work that soul, yo

Soulworker explains why the game’s updates have been slower recently

The update cadence has been slow for Soulworker of late, but it turns out the reason was Gameforge has been trying to give...
H-H-H-H-Holy shirt.

Final Fantasy XI introduces its April version update

This month's update for Final Fantasy XI is a bit lighter than usual, and in the video digest for the update it's...
Well, that might not be a great sign.

Final Fantasy XIV wraps up its Shadowbringers creation documentary while preparing for patch 5.25

A big chunk of Final Fantasy XIV gameplay involves re-fighting familiar content. If you play the game, you know that. The final documentary...
I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go.

Prosperous Universe prepares to give population more punch with the Populous update

The next major update to Prosperous Universe has been dubbed Populous, and it's all about population... except in some ways, it might...
This round babby likes you

Black Desert gets an April Fools’ event on PC, Drieghan on console, and new events on mobile

Whew! The down side of having so many different versions of Black Desert is that when an update day rains, it pours. And...
Dig it.

RuneScape adds in the new Archaeology skill for excavating and cleaning artifacts

We promise you, after this line there will be absolutely no jokes about whether or not you can "dig" the latest skill added to...
Probably without the album that slaps, too.

DC Universe Online brings out a Birds of Prey episode on April 16

If you haven't already seen the movie Birds of Prey, you can actually get that on streaming right now. That's cool. It also means...

World of Warcraft adds in Legacy Loot mode for Legion raids and dungeons

As the saying goes, it's better late than never. Adding in Legacy Loot for World of Warcraft's prior expansion (Legion) certainly feels late...
Pictured? Not me.

Final Fantasy XI offers a small April update and an egg-hunting event

Is there anything more on-brand for Final Fantasy XI than apologizing because this month's update is a bit smaller than usual? Probably...
Shadows done got BROUGHT

Final Fantasy XIV shows off the sound design that went into Shadowbringers in a new video

The sound design of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers was a strong part of the expansion from the moment the first trailer showed up...
Song by Placebo.

OrbusVR is adding climbing and treasure hunts while bringing back escort quests

Since OrbusVR is a virtual reality game, there are certain limitations to jumping. After all, if you start jumping around in real life...
I am not Iron Man.

PlanetSide 2 deploys Desolation tweaks and upgrades its east coast servers

Remember those previewed changes for PlanetSide 2 from its weekend test server? That was just a couple of days ago, but they...
Now we remembered!

Blade & Soul launches the Forgotten Souls update today

Gosh, don't you hate when you're going from the Earth Realm to the Spirit Realm and you forget all your souls? Has that never...
Goodbye dignity.

Phantasy Star Online 2 alters the rewards of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks

If you'd somehow managed to miss this fact, Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently live in North America as an Xbox One exclusive....