She does look more pale.

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.15 arrives on December 10 with Blue Mage and PvP updates

It seems not that long ago that we were wondering when we would be getting an official date for the next Final Fantasy XIV...
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Legends of Aria ran into major issues with its New Dawn patch, but it’s up now

Legends of Aria New Dawn update was meant to release yesterday, but you might have noticed that it didn't quite happen to plan. Last...

Blade & Soul previews Will of Iron’s new Destroyer spec, teases Korean UE4 graphics overhaul

The update arriving for Blade & Soul on December 11th includes a third spec for the Destroyer, the Way of the Iron Will,...
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Final Fantasy XIV shows off more details about the Blue Mage updates and a new mount for patch 5.15

A firm date has not yet been established for patch 5.15 for Final Fantasy XIV, but we have gotten some extremely relevant new information...
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Conan Exiles adds mounted combat and followers in tomorrow’s patch

Tomorrow, it will be time for fans of Conan Exiles to take their horses to the old town road and ride until... well,...
It was a thing.

EverQuest Online Adventures emulator updates fans on the state of the project and how fans can help

While the original EverQuest and EverQuest II are still running, the game's console edition of EverQuest Online Adventures shut down back...
Now we all feel appropriately flashy.

Final Fantasy XI introduces big shifts to Domain Invasions in December

Domain Invasions have been in Final Fantasy XI for a while, but the fact of the matter is that they just aren't as...

Path of Exile shares further adjustments arriving for bow skills in Conquerors of the Atlas

One of the major balance goals for Path of Exile in the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion is to make bow skills...
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Apex Legends raises the level cap substantially but adds a lot more rewards to it

You may or may not be at the old level cap for Apex Legends, but you are almost certainly not at the new...
Really, already?

Final Fantasy XIV’s next Letter from the Producer is set for December 13

If you're ready to start hearing about Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 already, mark your calendars for December 13th. That's when producer...
Big lizert

Heroes of the Storm rolls out Deathwing to its test server

We're so sorry, Heroes of the Storm players; the arrival of Deathwing means doom and destruction. Fortunately, it seems likely that his approach will...
Capital city.

EVE Online patches in new balance adjustments and skills for Triglavian ships

The entire Triglavian invasion in EVE Online would feel less interesting if players couldn't learn to build those ships, and the latest patch...
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Legendary weapons and armor are available for transmog in World of Warcraft’s latest test patch build

Prepare to see a lot of pairs of Thunderfury in World of Warcraft. Seriously, a lot. You might argue that it's rare enough to see one,...
Sniper, no sniping!

Path of Exile shows off the bow changes coming for Conquerors of the Atlas

Throughout human history the bow has been used to take advantage of the time-honored combat principle that it's better to fight something that wants...
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The Division 2 is offering weekly status updates and delaying a full State of the Game until January

If you were hoping for a State of the Game stream for The Division 2, you will be sadly disappointed by this week's...
Swank? M aybe? Yes?

OrbusVR has launched the player house customization update for delightful decoration

It's nice to be able to get home from a long day of work, return to your home, fire up your favorite MMO, and...
The whole world.

Path of Exile explains the Atlas changes coming in Conquerors of the Atlas

The system changes in Path of Exile tend to be well-considered and arrive in reasonable timeframes. As the game prepares for the upcoming Conquerors of...

The Covenant abilities for Death Knights in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands have been revealed

When World of Warcraft: Shadowlands arrives, every individual class will be choosing between four different class-specific abilities via the Covenants. Of course, enterprising fans...
great googly moogly

Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode rotates heroes and tweaks minion tiers

The Battlegrounds mode of Hearthstone isn't as concerned with balance so much as it wants to provide a wild set of auto-battling madness. So...
So much text, so ugly.

Black Desert Online introduces PlayStation 4 players to the world of fairy companions

There are some players who think that Black Desert Online is an intensely hardcore game that rewards nothing so much as brutal combat efficiency....