EverQuest II invites players to test the newest incarnation of Tinkerfest

How do you feel about tinkering? If your answer is "ambivalent to negative," you may want to just move on; EverQuest II is trying...
You want to make a what?

World of Warcraft is testing a ‘social contract’ for its players in 9.2.5

"For the love of the Titans, please be a decent person to your fellow players." That is not what the new social contract in World...

An untitled prequel novel for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has surfaced on Amazon

One of the things that was conspicuously missing from World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's initial announcement was the concurrent announcement of anything that might be...
Do you hear what I hear?

Final Fantasy XI releases its May version update and unveils a new event

The new May update for Final Fantasy XI has arrived, and you have to go help out Maat. Sure, the guy had been a...
This town may actually be big enough for the two of us.

EverQuest II opens up its Varsoon time-locked expansion server for beta testing

Who likes time-locked expansion servers? EverQuest II certainly does, and it's launching another one with the Varsoon server. If you missed the earlier FAQ...
Hunt a man.

The Division 2 previews its new season, Hidden Alliance, with improvements to the manhunt system

If you want to go on the hunt for a target, engaging in a "manhunt" if you will, the next season of The Division...
Slicy slicy.

Blade & Soul walks through the new weapons and item systems of its New Empires update

Who wants a new weapon in Blade & Soul? Come on, it's natural. It's not called "Absolutely Nothing And Soul," after all. You want...

World of Warcraft discusses Dragonflight crafting and finally removes the School of Hard Knocks achievement

It's been more than a decade since players first began searching for the Violet Proto-Drake mount from World of Warcraft's holiday event meta-achievement, and in...
Well, that is definitely a sight.

The Elder Scrolls Online highlights a quintet of experiences you should seek out when the High Isles arrive

Are you excited about touring High Isle in The Elder Scrolls Online? Well why not? Are you afraid of the zones? You don't have to be; there's...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida confirms that work is already taking place on the story for 7.0

Ready for the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion? Well, slow your roll there, chief, because you've got more than a year to wait for that...

Final Fantasy XI outlines its May update for its 20-year anniversary month

Oh boy! Can you believe that May is the 20th anniversary for Final Fantasy XI? That's a big milestone, and it deserves a big celebration,...
Come on, vogue!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will not have a mission table but will have traditional flying

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is coming. When? Well, Blizzard isn't going to tell you, but one of the points raised during a Twitter roundtable...
Boredy bored bored.

DC Universe Online brings the Dark Knights episode to Nintendo Switch on April 28

Poor Nintendo Switch players. You've been forced to sit there and watch while DC Universe Online players on PC got to experience all the...

Final Fantasy XIV adds in the newest Ultimate fight and adjusts PvP balance with patch 6.11

The bad news of today's Final Fantasy XIV patch is that you will still have to wait a bit longer for new Hildibrand quests or...
The Doom Brigade

World of Warcraft Classic interview confirms that there will be no servers for The Burning Crusade Classic at launch

Was World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade your favorite expansion of all the various updates for World of Warcraft? Were you hoping to be able to...

World of Warcraft’s Ion Hazzikostas discusses theoretical player housing in new interview

Player housing in World of Warcraft is a topic that's come up pretty ceaselessly since the game launched, and it's even more present in people's...
Ever onward.

The Daily Grind: How do you prepare for major MMO updates?

Big updates! They're big (yeah, yeah, yeah)! They're not small (no, no, no)! They mean things are going to be changing in your MMO...

Naoki Yoshida updates players again on Final Fantasy XIV’s lottery botch and assures players that houses will be distributed properly

It hasn't been all that long since Final Fantasy XIV's producer and director Naoki Yoshida addressed the playerbase regarding issues that had hit its first...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida addresses the current state of investigation on the game’s housing lottery botch

For those who missed it, Final Fantasy XIV's first housing lottery on Saturday ran into some issues... issues like "no winner was selected while there...
Try and continue.

The Daily Grind: When your MMO releases new content, do you try it even if it’s not your normal playstyle?

There were a lot of people trying PvP in Final Fantasy XIV for the first time on April 12th. I say this not as...