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TERA Console cycles dungeons, launches a new battle pass, and improves its pet system

The de facto maintenance mode-like updates for TERA Console continue on, with the latest patch performing another dungeon access cycle, launching a new battle...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis gets more quests, story, events, and level cap raise in October

It's the final week of September, and that means Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is looking ahead to the slate of October updates...

Vindictus opens up its new Hall of Fallen Knights raid in latest update

Endgame players of Vindictus hopefully have something to be pleased about as last week saw the introduction of a new raid to take on...

One Shots: The best flex of all time

A maxim that has served me well so far in life is, "You are never too busy to stop and gawk at a sight...

EG7 and Daybreak: DCUO’s volatility, EverQuest’s stability, Cold Iron’s new game, LOTRO’s canceled remaster

Last night, we covered EG7's video pitch to investors, which among other things included a segment during which EG7 and Daybreak boss Ji Ham...

DC Universe Online begins testing a cursed Gotham City with Episode 46

Batman's backyard is taking a beating in DC Universe Online's newest outing. Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed went up on the test server...

DC Universe Online celebrates ‘Batman Day’ with t-shirts and lockboxes

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na - BATMAN DAY! As everything in geek culture must have its own official...

Mobile MMO Blade & Soul Revolution adds new instances and new events

The revolution of blades and souls continues in Blade & Soul: Revolution, or at the very least the content updates continue, as the mobile...

Perfect Ten: 10 of the worst launches in MMO history

Launch time is a difficult time for every MMO, and honestly, I have nothing but sympathy for the teams launching a new game at...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is celebrating autumn with its September content updates

The month of September is often the start of autumn in many people's minds, and that definitely appears to be the case for Sega,...
Darky dark dark dark.

Battle Bards Episode 227: NCsounds

Syl and Syp return to the vast library of NCsoft’s MMO soundtracks, with games like Aion, Lineage, and Blade & Soul to keep our...

One Shots: The flute that launched an MMO empire

Who would have ever thought that a little girl skipping around looking for her musical instrument would be the gateway to a long-running beloved...

Blade & Soul adjusts Shogun’s Lament encounter, adds new items, and begins new ranking season

The August update patch for Blade & Soul might not have too much in terms of brand-spanking new goodies, but what is in the...

TERA Console recycles its existing dungeons and makes tweaks to items and equipment

The last surviving version of TERA continues to put out updates, with its latest one makes the Catalepticon an open dungeon and reopens the...

Vindictus launches its 23rd character, Achel the Indomitable Warrior

Speak softly and carry a big stick. A big stick with a very point metal bit on the end. And also a shield. That's...

First Impressions: I sat through Wayfinder’s queues so you don’t have to

Over the past few days, I have spent many hours waiting in Wayfinder's seemingly endless queues. But what of the game at the end...
Sure, all right.

First Impressions: I honestly can’t tell whether I like Wayfinder or not

Playing Wayfinder marks the first time in my games writing career that my impression of a game has involved quite so much of my...
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DC Universe Online teases Justice League Dark Cursed, announces PS5 and Xbox X|S launches

You have to appreciate that the developers of DC Universe Online post their plans with a quick summation of the big news points right...

EG7 Q2 2023: Daybreak’s MMORPGs are ‘predictably stable’

It's starting to look as if the Daybreak-run EG7 conglom is finally at the end of its bonkers revenue run: According to the Swedish...

DC Universe Online brings back its Save the Universe event from now until September 6

Player characters in DC Universe Online are probably used to hearing the plea to save the universe (unless they're rolling villain characters of course),...