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DC Universe Online’s new episode, Brainiac Returns, is live now

What's a good metric for a threat in the world of DC Universe Online to be taken seriously? How about when it brings the...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis continues its third anniversary and adds more limited-time quests

May continues to be a month of celebration for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, as this week's patch has continued the MMORPG's third...

DC Universe Online confirms the launch of its Brainiac Returns episode for May 23

Get ready for the next episode, and we don't mean the classic Dr. Dre tune; we mean the next episode of content coming to...
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EG7 Q1 2024: Daybreak still mum on PlanetSide 2, new H1Z1 game hires lead designer

It's not even been two weeks since Daybreak owner EG7 published its 2023 annual financial report, which of course omitted everything relevant that happened...

DC Universe Online reruns Spring Seasonal event with new items and adds a new ally in latest patch

The spring season is in full bloom across the heroic and villainous sides of DC Universe Online, as today marks the return of the...

EG7’s 2023 annual report claims Daybreak and SSG collectively count 264 staffers

Swedish gaming conglom EG7 released its annual report this week, and while there isn't a ton of new-new in it for those of us...

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis marks three years with Halpha’s Super Origin Festival

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is kicking off a celebration of its third anniversary this week with a big event that has a...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 466: Elder Scrolls Offline

Justin and Bree discuss PlanetSide 2's new developer, Elder Scrolls Online's rollback situation, the revival of Life is Feudal, and the resurrection of Legends of Aria Classic, with adventures in LOTRO, ESO, and World of Warcraft, plus mailbag topics on Palia, Blade and Soul, Dragons Dogma Online, and MMOs that would work offline.

One Shots: From sunrise to sunset

When the sun peeks over the horizon and another promising day is upon the MMORPG traveler, certain protocols are to be observed. Potions are...

DC Universe Online adds Fortress of Solitude base and themed missions to celebrate Superman Day

I was today years old when I learned (or more likely, re-learned) that there's an official Superman Day, and that day is April 18th....

TERA is celebrating its sixth anniversary… on console, that is, because PC is still dead

Did you forget TERA was still alive? On console, anyway. The game's latest update opens the Draakon Arena dungeon in regular and hard mode,...

Vague Patch Notes: Game preservation is way more complicated than it seems

Before I say anything with this week's article, I want to make something very, very clear right from the premise: As you have probably...

Almost five years after killing Player Studio, Daybreak wants to revive a Creator Program

It's weird enough to see a Daybreak press release in my inbox, but this one threw me for a loop as it's for a...

Perfect Ten: The 10 best Final Fantasy crossovers

So yesterday we got hit with the Final Fantasy XVI crossover in Final Fantasy XIV. It was all right, I guess. But it wasn't...

Working As Intended: The top 10 hot tubs in MMORPGs

It's been a running joke for a few years that I always put hot tubs in my MMO houses whenever possible, and once that...

April Fools’ Day 2024 events and gags from around the MMORPG world

Welcome to weird MMORPG game mode day! I mean, April Fools' Day - not that we're sorry a lot of the "pranks" have become...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon GO’s April content isn’t all laughs

Pokemon Go isn't talking about its yearly April Fools' day event yet, but we do have some details on the rest of the month,...

Daybreak’s DC Universe Online launches native PS5 version, picks up ex-Cryptic devs, drops huge 2024 roadmap

If you cast your mind back to early February, you might recall that Daybreak parent company EG7 specifically called out DC Universe Online studio...

Perfect Ten: MMOs with live-action media tie-ins

Every so often I think to myself that a video game should get some kind of media adaptation before I come to my senses....

DC Universe Online reruns St. Patrick’s Day event as players raise concerns over perceived silence

St. Patrick's Day is coming soon, but DC Universe Online is getting into the Emerald Isle spirit ahead of time the only way it...