DC Universe Online’s new episode, Brainiac Returns, is live now


What’s a good metric for a threat in the world of DC Universe Online to be taken seriously? How about when it brings the Justice League and the Legion of Doom together to join forces against it? That’s the kind of thing that’s facing players of the game this week as the MMO’s latest content update, Brainiac Returns, has gone live.

“Seeking to learn from his previous defeats, Brainiac has returned to launch an all-out assault on the Earth’s ultimate symbols of hope and resistance – the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Doom. With the world hanging in the balance, the Justice League and Lex Luthor’s Secret Society are forced to unite their powers and resources to thwart Brainiac’s ingeniously malevolent plan.”

The latest episode brings forth the new map location of Bottled D.C. along with its new open world missions, a new duo mission to take back an overrun Area 51, a new alert at the Hall of Doom that tasks players with halting a hack of the villainous lair’s data files, and two new raids located at the Hall of Justice and the Brainiac Command Ship.

There are other goodies as well, such as new gear inspired by Brainiac and Luthor’s failed mutant experiments, new bio-genetic booster augments, a new episode-specific currency, and new feats and collections to gather up. All of the episode’s content is for level 20 characters, but is free for all players otherwise, and the MMO is even offering special event versions of all content for characters level 20 and up via the On Duty menu.

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