Pantheon Rise of the Fallen provides an in-progress look at the upcoming Summoner class


Unless you’re the sort of person who follows the goings-on of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen creative director Chris “Joppa” Perkins or you didn’t bother to scroll to the very bottom of a recent dev post, you might have missed out on his recent livestreamed updates to the Summoner class. Luckily, we’ve plucked those two cherries that were otherwise hiding in semi-plain sight.

The preview was broken up into two separate broadcasts by Perkins, as he talks followers through the Summoner’s current suite of abilities, which currently appears to be in an extremely rough state to the point that Perkins paused a few times mid-stream to fine tune and troubleshoot the class.

As one would expect, the Summoner is able to bring forth different elemental pets as well as cast its own individual spells, though it will have the ability to have two pets out at one time. To that point, Perkins grants a look at current pet command functionality, which is point-and-click now but is planned to be hotkey-enabled later. Perkins also answers some general gameplay questions from people in chat throughout both streams.

According to the mid-season post, both the Summoner and the Ranger are due to arrive for VIP players sometime in late June, but for now there are a couple of in-progress looks waiting in the embeds below.

sources: official site, Twitch (1, 2)
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