class preview

Blade & Soul gives players a look at the upcoming Warden class and Shadowmoor heroic dungeon

Blade & Soul players, have you ever looked at a sword and thought, "That's great and all, but it just looks far too sensible...

First impressions of World of Warcraft: Legion’s Demon Hunter

Nearly 10 years ago, the opening cinematic for World of Warcraft’s second expansion The Burning Crusade heralded the return of misguided anti-hero turned madman...
Sort of!

Blade & Soul’s Chinese version is getting the Qi Master

There's a little more time before Blade & Soul releases here in North America, but that doesn't mean you can't look forward to the...

Crowfall shows off the Champion’s design

Everyone has preferences about classes and playstyles in MMOs, and if you're the sort of player who plays only characters built like trucks wielding...
Egi me on.

Blade & Soul dedicates a week to the Summoner

Would you consider a cat to be a faithful battle companion? If not, you probably haven't played a Summoner in Blade & Soul, the...
Air elemental horn.

Guild Wars 2’s Tempest overhauls warhorn sounds, too

You might be a fan of playing Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 and not be too excited about the Tempest's choice of weapon. War...
But animated for real, like.

Check out the first iteration of the Confessor’s powers in Crowfall

Crowfall is beginning to show off the skillset of its various character archetypes, and the first magical ranged character to get the spotlight is...
We were the kings and queens of promise.

Scope out the Guild Wars 2 Dragonhunter summary

You can't play a Dragonhunter Guardian in Guild Wars 2 right now no matter how much you might want to be wielding a bow...
Those who fear darkness alone have never seen what the light can do.

Skyforge previews the Lightbinder

Skyforge enters its second phase of closed beta tomorrow, with more classes to explore and more regions open to players. If you've taken part...
Sometimes, of course, we don't care about things like balance.

Check out a video tour of Guild Wars 2’s Revenant

Are you looking forward to the newest addition to Guild Wars 2's class lineup, the Revenant? Do you stay awake at night wishing that...