Blade & Soul gives players a look at the upcoming Warden class and Shadowmoor heroic dungeon

Blade & Soul players, have you ever looked at a sword and thought, “That’s great and all, but it just looks far too sensible and practical”? Well you’re in luck: The upcoming Warden class has got you covered. NCSoft has released a new overview of the Warden, whose weapon of choice seems to be a greatsword so great as to make even the likes of Cloud and Guts feel woefully inadequate.

Despite what you might initially assume about a class that wields a sharpened hunk of iron easily visible from space, the Warden boasts “exceptional defensive and regenerative capabilities” in addition to its formidable offensive skills, and the official site says the Warden can “maneuver around enemies with incredible ease.” We’ll leave it to you to work out the logistics and physics of that last bit. As Wardens attack and use their abilities, they’ll build Blood Rage and acquire Sunsparks. With enough of the former, they’ll enter a Frenzy Stance in which they sacrifice their own health to unleash devastating damage, and once they’ve got three Sunsparks, they’ll enter the defensive Sentry Stance, which grants them increased defense and maneuverability, allowing them to take the brunt of enemy blows to protect their more vulnerable allies.

NCsoft has also posted up a preview of The Shadowmoor, the six-man heroic dungeon for level 55 HM 16.

“Years ago, long before the first of the Blackram Marauders was even born, a different shade of terror sailed the open seas. Under the charge of Captain Mookwan and his motley band of fortune-hunters, the Shadowmoor was perhaps the first pirate ship to be known by name, and for good reason—it was said that no ship could out-sail the vessel, and its crew could not be defeated on the open water. With such a reputation for wanton destruction, Captain Mookwan and his scurvy crew would need to be eliminated. The Emperor made the Shadowmoor the primary target of his military, and sent half of his imperial fleet on a mission to find and destroy the vessel and her crew. After a long and harrowing chase, the ship and her infamous crew finally met their fate as they sank to a watery grave at the bottom of the dark sea. But the Shadowmoor, her Captain, and her crew would not rest easy as ships sailed freely above. Sailors do tell tall tales, and as the stories go, it is said that Mookwan and his crew made a deadly bargain with the very sea that held their souls captive. The Shadowmoor and her undead crew rose from their watery grave to sail again in exchange for a thousand ships and souls to take their place in the dark abyss. And they must be stopped.”

The update lands next week on September 12th.

Source: Official site, Shadowmoor preview
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