Dune Awakening teases its movable, taxable, base-buildy but cozy player housing


Fans of Funcom’s Conan Exiles will eagerly point to the game’s building as one of its strongest features, so it’s no surprise that the studio’s survival MMORPG Dune Awakening will likewise emphasize player construction. That’s obvious in Funcom’s latest teaser video on social media, which shows a brief animation of a housing interior, complete with a sci-fi crafting station that looks just like a roaring fire.

That’s all the video has, but it’s certainly not all we know. Funcom has previously gone into detail on how players will claim land with staking rods, build out their base, trick it out with crafting structures (they’re called fabricators, if you wondered), and of course, set up power stations to make it go brrr, and then decorate it until it becomes your cozy hideaway in the desert, with different styles that unlock as you play.

And bases aren’t just housing; since this is a survival game too, you’ll have to build shields and other defenses against the environment. Oh yeah, and there are maintenance costs, so all this cozy comes with a tax burden, although if you later find you’re just not happy paying taxes on a base the desert is trying to murder, you can use blueprints to pack it up and move it somewhere else (a little bit of Star Wars Galaxies in there, eh?).

Anyhow, that tiny sliver of in-house footage is tucked down below to whet your appetite (and make you wish Funcom would hurry the heck up).

Source: Twitter
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