LOTRO continues Update 40 testing with underground side quests and bog-guardian shrinkage


Now that Lord of the Rings Online players have spent a half-year getting to know the alleyways and warrens of Umbar Baharbêl, the studio is preparing to take them underneath this tropical city with Update 40.

The patch, which just went into its second round of testing this week, includes five sections of sidequests in the “Neaths” of Umbar: “You can explore Tâkhdar; the Cellars, where shady business deals and black market sales take place. Ilmabiri; the Wells, the sewers beneath the city filled with a variety of dangers. Kamrabezûr; the Vaults, where it is rumored escaped gladiators dwell. Khabârkhad; the Crypts, where the ancestors of Umbar’s past rest — or do they? Dil-irmíz; the Berths, a flooded area that is deemed so dangerous that adventurers are discouraged from travelling there alone.”

Pet classes have a couple new options coming their way… for a price. Captains can obtain Hobbit heralds and Lore-masters can shrink their bog-lurkers to a smaller size in exchange for mithril coins. This round of Update 40 testing also includes custom named carry-alls and more PvP siege options.

Source: LOTRO
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