American studio known primarily for Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and the Asheron’s Call franchise.

LOTRO Legendarium: It’s time to revisit skirmishes in Lord of the Rings Online

Ever since 2009, I've loved skirmishes in Lord of the Rings Online. These were a new type of instance that rose to prominence in...

Massively Overthinking: Do cross-IP collabs and promos in MMOs bother you?

Transmedia synergy. Let's just lead with that. We have a long tradition around here of teasing MMOs for jamming in these weird promotions with...

Leaderboard: What types of items do you buy in MMO cash shops?

Over the weekend, I used up some of the currency sitting on my Lord of the Rings Online account, and I want to talk...

The Stream Team: Recovering books from Dungeons & Dragons Online’s haunted mansion

Last time, Massively OP's MJ and the group spent their time in Dungeons & Dragons Online's Dread Sea Scrolls quest solving the initial puzzle...

Lord of the Rings Online plans to make class, race, and virtue trait slots unlock by leveling in next update

The Bullroarer test server of Lord of the Rings Online has put Update 32 out for public testing, and one part of the update...

Global Chat: Moar MMO rogue servers, please!

In the MMO genre, we've been blessed with many great rogue server projects -- but there's always room for more, right? MMO Fallout's Connor...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 356: A long time from now in a galaxy far, far away

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO, Star Citizen, Black Desert, Elyon, and Neverwinter, with adventures in LOTRO, Crowfall, and Elder Scrolls Online, plus voicemail topics on alienating MMO design choices and new MMO crafting professions.

The Stream Team: Taking a return trip to Dungeons and Dragons Online

While most of the Dungeons and Dragons Online livestreams have been with MJ, this time it's Chris's turn to step into the shoes of...

Global Chat: Does Doctor Who have a place in EVE Online?

As we crack open another edition of Global Chat, The Ancient Gaming Noob tackled the utter weirdness that is a cross-media promotion between EVE...

Lord of the Rings Online defends – and now pauses – controversial pay-to-win currency changes

(We've updated the end of this article with SSG's afternoon announcement that it will be pausing this plan. The original article follows.) An abrupt announcement...

Perfect Ten: The best value MMOs at the start of 2022

One of the reasons that I have been a huge fan of MMORPGs for nearly two decades now is that they offer a terrific...

Lord of the Rings Online plans ‘significant’ changes to Ember, Mote, and Figment currencies

While Lord of the Rings Online is putting out a small adjustment patch today, it has much bigger things in store for the game's...

The Daily Grind: Should MMO dungeon grouping tools be standard features?

I've noticed that when the topic of LFG tools and dungeon finders for MMORPGs arises, people have... opinions. Strong, fervent, hearty opinions with chunky...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 355: All your ships are belong to us

Justin, Colin, and Bree discuss Elder Scrolls Online, Lost Ark, ArcheAge, Elyon, EVE Online, and Guild Wars 2, with adventures in LOTRO, ESO, and GW2, plus mailbag topics on choice in MMOs and resurrecting Landmark.

Choose My Adventure: Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood has slowly hooked me

In a landslide vote, the CMA readership said that I should press on with the Blackwood chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. Which lead...

LOTRO Legendarium: Does LOTRO need a new dungeon finder tool?

Welcome to a new year of the LOTRO Legendarium! With Fate of Gundabad at our backs and an unknown future ahead, it's quite the...
Bees, bees, they're everywhere.

Leaderboard: What’s the most vulnerable Daybreak MMO in 2022?

It's time for another annual tradition: examining Daybreak's prospects. We started back in 2015, when Sony cast off SOE and it was reshaped as...

The Stream Team: The Dread Sea Scrolls of Dungeons & Dragons Online

The brand-new Dread Seas Scrolls quest that recently launched in Dungeons and Dragons Online (and then promptly bugged out so Massively OP's MJ couldn't...

Lord of the Rings Online previews its new Dwarf premium housing

Dwarven housing has never been the most popular among Lord of the Rings Online's four original neighborhoods. But this trend may be about to...

Lord of the Rings Online’s Shadowfax and Treebeard servers progress forward

"Say friend and enter!" It's a big expansion day for two of Lord of the Rings Online's progression servers. Speedy server Shadowfax is jumping into...