American studio known primarily for Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and the Asheron’s Call franchise.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 414: EverQuesting on and on

Justin and Bree discuss Diablo IV, World of Warcraft, SWG Legends, Destiny 2, Star Citizen, EverQuest, LOTRO, and Elder Scrolls Online, with mailbag topics on extreme MMO zones and puzzles in MMOs.

The Daily Grind: Do you still craft in MMOs where crafting is pointless?

I could swap out the words "craft" and "crafting" in the question in today's Daily Grind topic and I think the same point would...
Now we're gundagood.

Lord of the Rings Online talks crafting vocations, recipes, and guild rep decay

Lord of the Rings Online crafters, listen up, all two of you! OK, three of you if I count myself! I kid, I kid,...

Global Chat: Are we gaming in the ‘Age of Diablo?’

With Diablo II's remake on the market, Diablo III's continuing seasons, Diablo Immortal's patches, and Diablo IV on the way this summer, it's not...

LOTRO Legendarium: 16 more fun places to visit in LOTRO’s Minas Tirith

Last week we began our thorough tour through Lord of the Rings Online's largest city, Minas Tirith, combing through the first three tiers in...
Find the path.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts your greatest number of account unlocks?

MMO account unlocks: You know they're one of the most powerful legal narcotics of the video game age. By pre-ordering this title, snapping up...

WoW Classic’s permadeath community may be prompting Blizzard to create a new ruleset

While the thrill and buzz around WoW Classic has fallen off sharply in the past half-year, there's a segment that's actually on the rise...

The Stream Team: Beautiful Nightmares of Planar Eyes in Dungeons & Dragons Online

For many weeks, Massively OP's MJ and the D&D night crew have been working their way through the Peril of the Planar Eyes quest...
Remember me? Someone is hoping you don't!

Perfect Ten: 10 pieces of striking MMO cover art

Earlier this year, MMO Folklorist posted a rather intriguing article about the 10 best MMO box art designs -- at least in his opinion....
Game for sale!

The Daily Grind: What could MMO studios do to add value to their subscriptions?

When Blizzard first announced World of Warcraft's trading post and yet didn't actually include anything particularly objectionable, pay-to-win, or RMT, I thought it seemed...

LOTRO Legendarium: 17 groovy places to visit in LOTRO’s Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith: The White City and the bane of server-side lag. The place of a thousand side quests and of a thousand-and-one times that...

Lord of the Rings Online makes Before the Shadow mini-expansion available for in-game currency

As promised, Lord of the Rings Online's recent mini-expansion is now available to purchase with LOTRO Points as well as a credit card. To...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs have characters that don’t quite match the gameworld they’re in?

A while back, the MOP team was chatting about Chris' foray into house ownership in Final Fantasy XIV. I was actually kind of surprised...

Lord of the Rings Online players are putting on a 30-person adaptation of Sondheim’s Into the Woods this weekend

One of my favorite memories in MMOs is participating in plays and musicals, something I first saw people doing in Ultima Online in 1997...

Dungeons and Dragons Online is what killed the party dinosaurs

Woe be unto the age in which we live, for the light of frivolity is lessening and the night grows ever longer thanks to...

Lord of the Rings Online wraps up another leg of update 35 testing with revamp of The Last Homely House

Even as the spring festival begins today, Lord of the Rings Online's devs are back on Bullroarer testing update 35: The Return to Carn...

Lord of the Rings Online’s patch today lays the groundwork for the spring festival tomorrow

As promised, Lord of the Rings Online's spring festival returns this week - tomorrow, actually, though update 34.3 is live on the servers after...

Lord of the Rings Online talks monster play and Guardian class changes

More changes and adjustments to Lord of the Rings Online's odd PvP system are on the way with this month's Update 35. In a...

The Daily Grind: Are lifetime MMO subs ever worth it?

I've more than once told the story about my guildie who bought a lifetime sub to Hellgate London (oh no). And I've personally never...
Ah, no.

Lord of the Rings Online brings back the spring festival next week with new rewards

The third preview for Lord of the Rings Online's big spring patch, Update 35, should be coming to the Bullroarer test server next Tuesday,...