American studio known primarily for Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and the Asheron’s Call franchise.

Vague Patch Notes: How widespread free-to-play impacted MMORPGs

In 2009, Dungeons & Dragons Online went free-to-play, which was a pretty big deal at the time. It was especially important to me, since...

SSG’s Rob Ciccolini laments aging hardware and long downtimes as DDO delays Update 68.1

As both Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online players noticed yesterday as both MMOs were unavailable for 15 hours, SSG's...

LOTRO explains how its Birding hobby works while players raise support for battered friend

As Lord of the Rings Online heads into an extra-long period of extended downtime Wednesday, it may be a good time to check out...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 476: Corepunk and Pantheon race to early access

Justin and Bree discuss Corepunk, Pantheon, Zenith, World of Warcraft, and Once Human, with adventures in LOTRO, WoW, and City of Heroes, plus a mailbag topic on evolving FFXIV Dawntrail's storytelling.

Dungeons and Dragons Online previews the loot changes coming with Myth Drannor

While it's been delayed a scooch, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Myth Drannor should be worth the wait for players, especially with the bounty of...

Lord of the Rings Online announces surprise August instance and dates for next crafting events

Lord of the Rings Online surprised fans by announcing on its Friday devstream that a new instance is in the works for next month....

LOTRO Legendarium: Six ways you can prepare for the new legendary servers

With brand-new legendary servers coming soon to Lord of the Rings Online, the allure of a fresh start, lower lag, and the Ringwraith ruleset...

Dungeons and Dragons Online delays Magic of Myth Drannor expansion to August 14

Standing Stone Games has a bit of bad news for Dungeons and Dragons Online players: Its Magic of Myth Drannor expansion has been delayed...

The Stream Team: Fighting Fey with Fey in Dungeons & Dragons Online

With Hyrsam's needle -- and therefore his immortality -- in hand, Massively OP's MJ is ready to confront the Archefey to retrieve the Codex...
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Massively Overthinking: How often do you play human MMO characters when you have other choices?

I've been thinking about this question a bit lately, partly owing to Stars Reach and partly to Project Gorgon. Playable Worlds says Stars Reach...

Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online are finally getting official Discords

Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online both have community-led Discord channels where players and developers hang out, but Standing Stone...

Lord of the Rings Online says there are ‘lots and lots and lots of adventures still to have’

In a recent forum discussion around whether or not Lord of the Rings Online will wrap up its story when (and if) the Scouring...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 475: The Legend of Ralph Lobster

Justin and Bree discuss Raph Koster's Stars Reach, Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail, Daybreak's purchase of Singularity 6 and Palia, Nexon's The First Descendant, and Guild Wars 2's housing, with a mailbag topic on the legend of Ralph Lobster.

LOTRO’s progression server stress test last week crashed in a useful way

Last week's stress test for one of Lord of the Rings Online's new legendary servers resulted in a resounding crash as over 200 players...

LOTRO Legendarium: Six ideas LOTRO totally should steal from other MMOs

It's only natural for people who play multiple MMOs or are aware of what's happening in other titles to foster a sense of envy....

Lord of the Rings Online begins its EU server and Veil of the Nine stress test this afternoon

After a brief delay yesterday, Standing Stone Games is back on track with Lord of the Rings Online's Mordor server stress test, which means...

EverQuest’s continuing 2024 roadmap teases The Outer Brood expansion and a server merge

"The Year of Darkpaw has passed the halfway mark and is still going strong!" Daybreak's Jenn Chan says in her latest EverQuest producer's letter,...

Lord of the Rings Online delays European legendary server stress test, tweaks crafting quest beta

If you were hoping to join Lord of the Rings Online's Mordor server stress test today, you're about to be disappointed as it's been...

Daybreak bought Palia studio Singularity 6 and aims to bring the game to launch

File this one under "did not see this coming in a million years but also not sad about it whatsoever": Daybreak has acquired Palia...

Lord of the Rings Online hosts a stress test for its new Ringwraith event server

With a pair of fresh Lord of the Rings Online legendary servers coming in July, time and testing is paramount to making sure that...