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Persist Online interview: CipSoft explains why Persist is an MMORPG, not a survival shooter

Earlier this week, we covered the surprising news that Tibia developer CipSoft has a new MMORPG on the way. At least, the studio is...

Ashes of Creation shares a preview of its node war PvP system

The PvP sandbox of Ashes of Creation already has talked about making players fight for things like dungeon spots and caravans, but now it's...

The MOP Up: Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’s Chinese launch crashes from high demand

Dungeon & Fighter is one of those odd franchises that nobody seems to notice in the west but is incredibly, obscenely, immensely popular in...

The MOP Up: Stardew Valley’s creator can’t quit tinkering with the game

Stardew Valley's creator recently sat down for an interview in which he said, “Once I reopen the book on Stardew, I always have a...

The MOP Up: Conan Exiles celebrates its sixth anniversary

Who's spent six years crushing enemies, driving them out of camps, and hearing the lamentation of their livestreams? It's Conan Exiles, of course, which...

Ashes of Creation answers questions about classes, gameplay systems, PvX, and guild features

Last night Ashes of Creation held a community AMA, though the community in question was made up of specifically selected influencers. You might think...

Dune Awakening teases its movable, taxable, base-buildy but cozy player housing

Fans of Funcom's Conan Exiles will eagerly point to the game's building as one of its strongest features, so it's no surprise that the...

Conan Exiles’ Age of War Chapter 4 is live today with a new event, fatalities, and the updated battle pass

Conan Exiles' Age of War is coming to a close today with the release of Age of War Chapter 4. The update, live now...

Ashes of Creation’s latest Alpha Two preview video takes a deep-dive of the Fighter class

The seemingly non-stop parade of Alpha Two preview videos from Ashes of Creation continues this weekend, as Intrepid Studios grants fans and followers of...

Dune Awakening discusses MMO size, PvP and PvE, the deep desert, and getting rid of Funcom ‘jank’

Funcom's Joel Bylos was among those in attendance at this year's GDC, which is the stage where he answered questions about the upcoming Dune:...

The MOP Up: Co-op RPG Stolen Realm launches with ‘frictionless’ multiplayer

Turn-based RPG Stolen Realm launched on Steam, Xbox, and Switch: "Play Stolen Realm solo, or in co-op with up to six heroes, as you...

Perfect Ten: MMOs with live-action media tie-ins

Every so often I think to myself that a video game should get some kind of media adaptation before I come to my senses....
there's sand

Dune: Awakening’s Direct shows off graphical touches, film references, and the basic survival loop of the game

You may not have noticed this, but the new Dune movie is out! The second one, even, which means it's two more movies than...

Funcom teases Dune Awakening’s player-constructed bases in latest video

Base builders, the latest mini video about survival MMO Dune Awakening from Funcom is for you, as it's all about construction in the still-undated...

Ashes of Creation officially makes good on its plan to stop selling Alpha Two backer packs

August of last year saw Ashes of Creation's Intrepid Studios announce its plans that it would stop selling pre-order packs of the gankbox MMORPG...

The best MassivelyOP live streams of 2023

MassivelyOP's Stream Team is the jewel in our crown, as our own Chris and MJ - and occasionally Larry too! - dip into MMORPGs...

Choose My Adventure: All of the MMOs you made us play in 2023, from Guild Wars to Gorgon

Well here we are, my friends. It's always such a pleasure. Remember when your votes killed me twice? OK, maybe that's being overdramatic, but...
waugh? okay

The MOP Up: Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning ‘chickens out’

Return of Reckoning's rogue server changed how combat buffs worked and added a new level 40 quest that pays out in, er, a "Chicken...

Conan Exiles’s Age of War Chapter 3 is live with PvE sieges and player-run taverns

Conan Exiles fans better get their servers in order as Funcom just released chapter three of its Age of War season for all platforms,...

The Survivalist: A toast to Conan Exiles’ new taverns, launching this week’s Age of War Chapter III

You know that feeling when you get something you really want? Something you've been waiting for? Conan Exiles is giving that to me --...