Funcom teases Dune Awakening’s player-constructed bases in latest video


Base builders, the latest mini video about survival MMO Dune Awakening from Funcom is for you, as it’s all about construction in the still-undated title.

“Shortly after starting out, you’ll be able to claim land and build your first base,” explains Funcom lead game designer Leo Welter. “Upgrade it with machinery and decorate to make your home on Arrakis. Later on, you’ll be able to unlock more advanced construction and distinct visual styles. But remember, Arrakis is the most dangerous planet in the universe. Make sure to shield your base from any threats that may come its way.”

Or, of course, just don’t live there, but that wouldn’t be much fun, now would it? It’s a pretty short clip, but given that we haven’t heard much about in-game building to date, I suspect it’s likely to be welcome – and familiar, too, as these mechanics clearly have a lot in common with Funcom’s other survivalbox, Conan Exiles.

Source: YouTube
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