conan exiles

Official Site: Conan Exiles
Studio: Funcom
Launch Date: Anticipated 2016
Genre: Multiplayer Survival
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC and console

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Conan Exiles has begun testing Age of Sorcery chapter two’s head hunting mechanics

Conan Exiles fans are in for a treat today as chapter two of Age of Sorcery officially hits the test server and Funcom takes...

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Conan Exiles’ latest patch applies a lengthy list of bug fixes for all platforms

It's a good ol' fashioned bug fixin' going down in Conan Exiles. The latest patch for PC, Xbox, and PS4 zeroes in on several...

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The Stream Team: Dipping a toe into Conan Exiles’ big Age of Sorcery update

Massively OP's MJ has waited a long, long time for Conan Exiles to finally implement sorcery. And now that it has, she's eager to...

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Conan Exiles enters the Age of Sorcery and launches battlepass seasons with today’s release

"The Age of Sorcery update is now available for download on PC." So sayeth Funcom, which has launched the 3.0 update for Conan Exiles...

Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery – and new battlepass system – launches September 1

We've finally got a date for Conan Exiles' 3.0 Age of Sorcery release: September 1st. And as a nice tasty treat, the game will...

Conan Exiles breaks down tweaks to followers arriving with Age of Sorcery

Players who don't have real-life friends to play with in Conan Exiles at least have followers that can join them, and when the Age...

Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery update arrives to the PC public test server

Are you tired of reading about all of the features arriving to Conan Exiles when its Age of Sorcery update goes live? Are you...

Conan Exiles breaks down the attributes, perks, and corruption systems of the Age of Sorcery update

It's time yet again for Conan Exiles to get hyper granular about the Age of Sorcery update's feature set. This time around, the survivalbox...

Conan Exiles summarizes Age of Sorcery’s cash shop and battle pass in a minute-long video

For those who missed the earlier deep-dive from Conan Exiles about the new cash shop and battle pass monetization features coming with the Age...

Conan Exiles deep-dives its planned battlepass monetization system

When Age of Sorcery launches for Conan Exiles players later this year, it will completely upend the game's monetization model by switching from a...

Conan Exiles’ upcoming creative mode will let players build the castles of their dreams

Building a base in Conan Exiles is something of a long-tail goal for the survival game, but what if you can't deal with all...

Conan Exiles provides video previews of Age of Sorcery’s magic system, talent points, and building updates

While it might be nice to read about the various systems the Age of Sorcery update is adding to Conan Exiles, sometimes seeing these...
Tree house!

Conan Exiles provides a closer look at Age of Sorcery’s overhaul of building

One of the primary goals to shoot for in Conan Exiles is building yourself an absolutely swanky house. After all, where else are you...

Conan Exiles announces Age of Sorcery, replacing DLC with battle passes

Thanks to teases and leaks, we already had a pretty clear idea what was coming to Conan Exiles later this year, but as of...