conan exiles

Official Site: Conan Exiles
Studio: Funcom
Launch Date: Anticipated 2016
Genre: Multiplayer Survival
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC and console

Conan Exiles discusses the Isle of Siptah expansion in a stream, begins testing temperature changes on PTS

As one would expect, Conan Exiles is all about its impending Isle of Siptah expansion with a focus on the new content...

Funcom reveals Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah expansion, offers free Steam weekend and sale for original

Back in January, Conan Exiles players were wary when Funcom told its investors about "continuing to develop the game with a paid...

Funcom is teasing a big announcement for Conan Exiles next week

Funcom apparently got up this morning and said, you know what, let's tease a thing. There's a ticker counting down on Conan Exiles'...

Conan Exiles adjusts avatars and followers in console patches, moves on to PC

Usually in multi-platform MMOs, the PC version is the first to get updated and consoles follow shortly after (likely thanks to the differing certification...

Battle Bards Episode 175: Prehistoric jams

Having perfected their musical time machine, the Battle Bards leap back to the past to enjoy the soundscapes of dinosaurs and other prehistoric denizens....
This is what we were really missing.

New executive order could ban US transactions with Tencent – potentially bad news for gaming [Updated]

File this one under "I was about to go to sleep when the internet erupted in an absolute panic over Tencent": Late this evening,...

Tencent now completely owns Funcom, purveyor of Conan Exiles and Secret World Legends

Dune, Conan Exiles, Secret World Legends, Age of Conan... all of these properties and more are now directly under the...

Conan Exiles isn’t going to be free for a week on the Epic Games Store after all

If you follow Conan Exiles' twitter, you might have noticed that a bunch of gamers have been pestering Funcom this morning over the...

Conan Exiles makes its way to the Epic Games Store and will be free for a week

If a free copy of ARK on the Epic Games Store didn't exactly light your survival sandbox heart on fire, perhaps you'll be...

Conan Exiles’ latest patch for PC runs into server issues, crashes, and lost characters

Nobody wants a patch to an MMO or multiplayer game to arrive covered in bugs and problems, but that's just what Conan Exiles...

The MOP Up: COVID-19’s digital silver lining

While the COVID-19 epidemic has been nine types of awful over the last half-year, video game studios and publishers aren't complaining quite as loud...

Not So Massively: I like survival mechanics, not survival games

When I played We Happy Few, one of the things that surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed the survival mechanics....

The MOP Up: Granado Espada got a brand-new server

Have you completely forgotten that Granado Espada -- also called Sword of the New World -- still exists? It does, and in fact, the...

Funcom is set to reveal an ‘unannounced game’ on June 5

Does Funcom have another game up its sleeve? It appears so, as the Oslo-based developer broadly hinted that it is getting ready to...

The Stream Team: A look at Conan Exiles’ Architect of Argos DLC

Conan Exiles' has dropped a new DLC filled with new items and another building style. Massively OP's MJ is eager to check out all...

Conan Exiles is free for everyone to play until May 18

So, other games are allowing people to explore their wastelands and seeking to entice others? By Crom's teeth, this will not stand! Conan...

Massively Overthinking: Do MMOs need ‘adult’ character customization?

A Random MMO Fan recently wrote to us with a fun topic, linking to an article about Cyberpunk 2077's ESRB rating, which is...

Funcom is celebrating Conan Exiles’ second anniversary since launch

With all the hoopla surrounding Conan Exiles' latest patch and new builder-centric DLC, Architect of Argos, this week, it'd be easy to...

Conan Exiles’ Architect of Argos DLC and Followers II update are live today

Blink and you'll have missed it: Just a few days after confirming Architect of Argos was launching at Conan Exiles' latest builder-centric...

The Stream Team: Diving deeper into Conan Exiles’ Warmaker’s Sanctuary

A little while back, Massively OP's MJ ventured into Conan Exiles' Warmaker's Sanctuary for the first time. It was quite the battle, and...