Funcom celebrates its 30th anniversary as it looks back at Anarchy Online, Conan, and Secret World


It’s a landmark year for Funcom, as the Norwegian video game developer celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The studio got started making games for the Genesis and SNES before making a real name for itself in 1999 with the adventure game The Longest Journey. At the turn of the century, Funcom reinvented itself as an MMORPG developer, with titles such as Anarchy Online (2001), Age of Conan (2008), The Secret World (2012), and the survivalbox Conan Exiles (2018).

To mark this major milestone, Funcom put out a new video to recap its history and crow about its ongoing success — and how it narrowly avoided going bankrupt in the midst of it (the criminal convictions of former members of its C-suite were exciting too!). The studio didn’t spend a lot of time talking about its past MMOs, although it did promote the upcoming Dune Awakening. Give it a watch and let us know your favorite memories of Funcom games in the comments below!

Source: YouTube
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