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WoW Factor: So Blizzard backtracked on WoW Classic’s dungeon finder

So in April last year, I wrote a whole article about how World of Warcraft's development team was taking a gigantic misstep when it...

One Shots: Just a minute, Mom, I’m playing with my virtual dollhouse!

If playing with physical dollhouses is your entry-level and full-on interior decorating your advanced mode, then video games offer a middle ground to those...

Vitae Aeternum: The pros and cons of New World’s transmog

In my very first Vitae Aeternum two years ago, I criticized some of the ways New World lacks character customization. It took a while,...

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs offer tools to let you hide all other players?

A while back, an MOP commenter opined that MMOs should always offer players the option to fully block - that is to say, mute...

Massively Overthinking: The dumbest deaths in MMORPGs

This past week has been amusing for everyone in the MMO community and beyond who loves to watch people die stupid deaths in video...

TennoCon 2023: Halloween-themed Abyss of Dagath cements 2023 as Warframe’s year of creep

It is no secret how much I love Halloween, horror, and all things eerie and spooky, so learning about Warframe's next update Abyss of...
New World ROTAE

Previewing New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion: Artifact gear, endgame, crafting, and onward

In my previous Vitae Aeternum column, I covered the big tentpole features of New World's first paid expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, including...
New World ROTAE

New World’s first expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, launches October 3 with mounts, flails, new housing, and more

New World's 2023 roadmap promised its first expansion, but until now, we had few details on what that meant. Recently the folks at Amazon...

TennoCon 2023: Warframe’s Whispers in the Walls adds new narrative, hub, and Tenno ‘skin’

What is TennoCon but the opportunity to debut something big for Warframe? Every year Digital Extremes introduces players to new and exciting content that's...

TennoCon 2023: Warframe 1999’s trailer goes back to the future

As with every TennoCon, Digital Extremes likes to tease players with a little blast of what will be featured at the next con. Of...

The Daily Grind: What were the worst mistakes made in the history of MMORPGs?

A few weeks back, in his retrospective on The Secret World, MOP's Tyler opined that Secret World LegendsĀ (or more specifically, the decision to reboot...

Mad World shares the rest of its 2023 roadmap with tribal wars and Halloween

Poor Mad World: This splatterpunk horror MMO was birthed into this world in about the most messy fashion possible while still surviving. And as...

Star Anvil’s Secret World TTRPG is about to start delivering draft digital rulebooks to backers

The progress for Star Anvil Studios' tabletop RPG rendition of The Secret World continues to make forward movement. The latest announcement post from Kickstarter...

Following Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest COVID outbreak, one fan admits guilt – in a comic

An apparent COVID-19 outbreak at Final Fantasy XIV's Fanfest in Las Vegas a week and a half ago has been punctuated by one fan...

LOTRO Legendarium: Ranking LOTRO’s forests from maddening to awesome

J.R.R. Tolkien famously loved nature, and that passion seeps into his creation of Middle-earth. To him, the great outdoors was not something to be...

Lord of the Rings Online players are putting on a ‘summer musical review’ this weekend

Back in March, we covered the fabulous effort of a player-run theater troupe in Lord of the Rings Online to adapt Sondheim and Lapine's...

Wizard101’s latest patch delivers the Crying Sky raid, plus name- and gender-swapping

Wizard101's latest patch has arrived to punch up the summer for the little kids and big kids and yes grown-ass adults too (more power...

The Daily Grind: Do you have MMOs you play for the story rather than progression?

I've recently been musing about how we create categories for MMOs in our own minds. There are those "home games," for example, that we...

The MOP Up: Gamescom and QuakeCon prepare to storm August

As the end of summer approaches (ack! how?), gaming conventions rev up again - and that includes big industry galas like GamesCom and in-house...

The Soapbox: Why The Secret World really failed

We're back with part two of my long-overdue post-mortem of The Secret World, my favourite MMORPG of all time. In the first part I...