Destiny 2 readies Echoes for launch on June 11 along with outlining the year-long plan for Episodes

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The future of Destiny 2 – at least for the next year – is episodic. The first episode following the launch of The Final Shape, Echoes, comes out tomorrow on June 11th and sets the stage for what players can expect over the next year. It’ll expose players to what Echoes as a concept actually are and how they’ll present players with a new kind of enemy that they haven’t fought before, while also leading into the game’s first new activity that takes the form of an aggressive arena-style match.

After Echoes comes Revenant, which leans into a dark horror/fantasy angle and sees players picking up vampire-hunter-esque stylings along the way. Heresy, meanwhile, will bring players back to the Dreadnaught and explore new storytelling opportunities there. All of these will feature new activities and a number of six-week Acts of content, along with a greater focus on overall player agency. Check out the full preview of the year ahead in the video just below.

Source: Press release
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