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Bungie finally admits it’s delaying Destiny 2’s The Final Shape to June 4

Confirming what leaks and rumors and layoffs a month ago had already implied, Bungie announced this afternoon that it's delaying Destiny 2's The Final...
Never seen a bluer sky.

Wisdom of Nym: Why Final Fantasy XIV’s next limited job is (probably) not Pictomancer or Green Mage

Despite the fact that it is not coming out until significantly later, I'm willing to bet that a large part of the work for...

The Stream Team: Exploring Final Fantasy XIV’s Binding Coil of Bahamut raid at long last

Today's Eorzea Sunday stream is a little special. MOP's Chris is once again taking on legacy (read: old) raid content in Final Fantasy XIV,...

One Shots: Soft and squishy, yet fierce and determined

If MMORPGs, anime, and children's cartoons have taught me anything -- and really, it's where I get most of my learning these days --...

Today in transmedia synergy: Bungie and CDPR announce Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab

Who had Destiny 2 x The Witcher collab on ya 2023 bingo card? Yep, this is for some reason happening. Don't think too hard...

Wisdom of Nym: When will Final Fantasy XIV head back to the Void?

Some fans were not super happy with the amount of time that Final Fantasy XIV spent on our little trip through the Void with...

Destiny 2 peak player concurrency hits a new all-time low on Steam

Bungie has already acknowledged the deep player disappointment in Destiny 2, but now we're all able to see at least a part of that...
Do you hear what I hear?

The MOP Up: How about Final Fantasy XI’s new Vana’Bout?

Final Fantasy XI had a busy week with a November patch, that "includes changes to foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades, a new battlefield...

The Stream Team: Leveling up the Summoner job in Final Fantasy XIV

MOP's Chris is heading to math school! Or more specifically, he's learning the aetheric arithmetic of the Summoner job in Final Fantasy XIV as...

One Shots: Lightning strikes twice

When you see lightning on the horizon, it may be time to seek shelter, brew a favorite hot beverage, and settle in for a...
Tipshat Milady

DC Universe Online adds new difficulties, a new tutorial, and new character creation in GU 139

Despite what other MMOs may have led you to believe, the Gentleman Ghost in DC Universe Online is not at all averse to violence...
I had to.

Final Fantasy XIV will run a cloud server stress test on November 20

Server hardware has been an ongoing thing for Final Fantasy XIV, so it's probably not a huge shock that the developers are seeing how...
This. They're this.

Massively Overthinking: Pervasive old MMO ideas that aren’t really true

A while back, Eliot and I were discussing one of his columns, in which he noted that in the eldest of the elder MMOs,...

EG7 Q3 2023: Daybreak’s MMO revenues dip ahead of Q4 expansion deluge

Daybreak parent company Enad Global 7 has released its Q3 2023 financial report this week, and it's good for the company, if weaker for...
Dead on results.

Wisdom of Nym: The best stuff from Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 that’s already in the game

Whatever we were getting back from Final Fantasy XIV version 1.0 is already in the game. Period end. And let's be honest, there was...

The Stream Team: Finishing the fight against Eden in Final Fantasy XIV

MOP's Chris is on the last leg of his journey to clear the Eden raids in Final Fantasy XIV for the first time; he's...

One Shots: Protect me, mighty cactus!

Health care in fantasy worlds is a tad peculiar, to put it lightly. Doctors routinely mix it up on the battlefield, medics throw explosive...

Destiny 2 resolves to ‘get back up’ as it confirms Season of the Wish for November 28

A common refrain heard in the story missions of Destiny 2 is "Eyes up, Guardian" - a call to stand once again after being...

Perfect Ten: The single best expansion from 10 MMOs

Holy crud, do I not know that I'm setting myself up for some major pushback today. Oh, I feel that to my core, friends!...
Looks nice enough, I guess.

Wisdom of Nym: Illuminating Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.51 patch

As a general rule, Final Fantasy XIV does not offer much for players to do during the first minor patch after a major one....